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Kitty Morris

Kitty Morris

Plus size blogger, fashion photographer, cat lady and wife.
Kitty Morris

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The Challenge

Today I’m doing the Plus Size Palette Challenge! The aim is to create outfits inspired by a set colour palette, mine features red, a blush pink, black, grey and green. It’s such an interesting combination of colours, so here’s what I’d wear and how I’d style it, inspired by my colour palette.

The Results

First up, I’m obsessed with this from Navabi, the rose print, the shirt style and the green base all work so well together, and it covers 2 of the colours in my palette.

You can never go wrong with a classic faux leather biker jacket, so I’d throw this ASOS jacket over for a more edgy look.


On my feet, I’m reaching for a pair of vegan Dr Martens that I happen to actually own. I love the chunky platform and because these are vegan, they don’t require wearing in like normal leather Dr Martens.

For accessories I’m keeping it simple with these sterling silver earrings from Bloody Mary Metal. I can never resist a slightly more rock and roll aesthetic, with a girly foundation. A cute shirt dress paired with grungier accessories is classic Kitty! This is something I’d wear to the pub or out for a meal and feel really awesome in.

Why stop at one?

For outfit number 2, this is what I’d wear for the night out of my dreams!

The base of this outfit was an easy choice, this red PVC Arched Eyebrow for Navabi skirt is everything.


For my top half, I’m in love with this Rokoko Plus polka dot mesh top from ASOS, with this gorgeous Gabi Fresh x Playful Promises bra underneath.


On my feet I’m wearing these mega sequin socks from ASOS (which are almost certainly too small for my huge feet, but a gal can dream!), with a pair of definitely too small for my feet Converse X Shrimps One Star Low Tops.

Custom make it!

For the jacket, I’m getting Plus Equals to make me this incredible denim jacket in a custom colourway of reds and pinks. Can you just imagine it?! I need it, so badly.

I can’t wait to see what our other writers pick for their own colour palettes, this was so much fun!



Kitty Morris
Kitty Morris

Plus size blogger, fashion photographer, cat lady and wife.

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