The Day My Heart Melted: Woodgate Primary & Navabi

Kitty Morris

Kitty Morris

Plus size blogger, fashion photographer, cat lady and wife.
Kitty Morris

On Friday 13th July, I saw something on Twitter that truly made my heart melt. A single tweet was all it took.


I mean, can you even imagine how adorable this was? ‘Plus+’, A book full of plus size babes, edited by Bethany Rutter, serving as fashion inspiration for a primary school lesson. I can’t explain to you how full this made my heart. I was maybe a little bit biased, because I am in this book wearing the shortest pinapple print dress ever, and happen to think it’s totally awesome, but I love that this happened. An amazing teacher decided to show these young minds a different form of media, full of different bodies that you might usually see in fashion magazines. And let me tell you, these kids came up with some beautiful concepts for outfits!


This video is the thing that really got to me. I love the explanations behind the outfits the children gave. There’s no judgement about bodies, no concept of flattering, instead they talk about showing off your legs, being soft and comfortable, the fabric shining in the sun, being able to dance, and so many more wonderful reasons they came up with their designs. Without the bias of the media telling them our bodies were wrong, they didn’t see us as wrong, they simply saw clothes they loved and took inspiration from them. What a magical situation!

And then… well…. I have to admit, what happened next gave me serious allergies as I sat at my desk at work.

Navabi swooped in, being their usual incredible selves, to actually make some of the children’s designs! I had a major wobble (as did the rest of plus size twitter) as we imagined the excitement of the children being told. Navabi are always hand hand to make sure your heart is full, and this is absolutely the best. It’s just the sweetest best thing ever!


I was delighted to see a school showing their students a diverse book full of different bodies, teaching them that there is no ‘normal’, and all bodies and good bodies, and then to see Navabi’s reaction, such goodness in a world that can seem so bleak these days. I was also thrilled to see other teacher’s responding to Woodgate Primary’s tweets also planning to share Plus+ with their students too. For me this is exactly what teaching is all about. Can you imagine how cool it must be for a chubby kid to see a grown up who looks like them in a fashion book? That’s life changing! The children all seemed to have the best day, and I know it made a lot of our days too.

I can’t wait to see the designs come to life!


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