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I don’t know why I haven’t bought a lot of things on Etsy before. I think maybe part of it has to do with many a night poring over page after page of Regretsy, and some sort of sceptical assumption that anything I would find on there would be overpriced and nothing like the picture. And while this can totally be true at times, I have some absolute favourite stores on there that keep me coming back again and again.

My first is Snark Factory. I have actually never bought anything from this shop, but I visit them pretty regularly because I am in love with the slogans on their necklaces. The only reason I haven’t bought anything is that at just shy of £13 a necklace, I can’t afford to get every single one that I want and I honestly can’t bring myself to choose. I love this shop because awkward insults with floral backgrounds is 100% my aesthetic, and I just feel like this shop was made for me, and me alone. Here are 12 (yes, 12.) of my favourite necklaces because I just could not narrow it down, and when you see visit the shop you won’t be able to narrow it down either. They also offer keyrings, earrings, bracelets and I think some other bits and bobs, I’m just more of a necklace fan than anything else.

etsy favourites etsy favourites etsy favourites

My next favourite is Murder of Goths. Not only am I lucky enough to own a few of her portraits, both of which are proudly featured in frames at the head of my bed, but I have the privilege of being able to call her a friend. I had seen MoG’s artwork before I knew her, and I was itching to order something as soon as I could. Her portrait of my kids and my dog has become the most prized photo in my bedroom after we sadly lost our pup last year, and I know so so many of my friends proudly display their own portraits of her in their homes, places of work and all over their social media. Her Etsy shop is currently on a break but for the time being, take a look at some more of her work over on her blog. Trust me, you’ll be eagerly awaiting her return!


etsy favourites

My favourite clothes store on Etsy is without a doubt Interrobang Art. Christina makes clothes up to a size 32 which are quirky and delightful, as well as impeccably well-made. She uses everything from holographic fabrics to children’s book characters (seriously, there’s a Hungry Caterpillar skirt!) and everything in between as inspiration for her adorable outfits. I love that I could literally buy something for any one of my friends on her site because her sizing is inclusive and the price doesn’t soar when you change sizes like it does on some other independent shops.

And finally, a relatively new shop for me. CupOSmut are almost exactly what they say on the tin – rude and funny slogans on cups! Their tagline, “marginally better than your bare hands” is hilarious and these cups are laden with popular culture references, colourful imagery and fancy fonts galore. Anybody who tells me to “shine on, you batshit crazy diamond” is a winner in my eyes.

Who are you loving over on Etsy right now? We’d love some more recommendations!




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