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To put another tan to the test, St Moritz kindly sent me some samples to try out to achieve the perfect ‘golden glow’. Full disclaimer, I’ve used St Moritz since the age of 16 and absolutely love the product. I’ll be as fair as possible in my review but as I’ve used it for years and years I know the ins and outs of it! Here I tried out the St. Moriz Professional Self Tan Mousse in Dark. Let’s get to it then.

Orange Factor 9/10

I’ve never really had issues with looking orange from St. Mortiz. It seems to have a green tinge in it (which you’ll find if you get to the end of the bottle) which stops the orangeness. I will say however it is slightly more warmer than the previous cream I tested out. I kinda like this though, as I instantly feel I’ve been sunkissed.

Scent 6/10

I wouldn’t say you initially smell like full blown digestive. You actually smell really nice the first hour or so. I think they’ve been developing the scent issues out a bit. However, after the development time of 6 hours you definitely do. For me though, I usually apply before night, wake smelling like a biscuit factory and shower it off to cover myself in scented body butter. Tiny problem sorted.

Application 9/10 

As per my previous review, I applied with a mitt. Using the Mousse is super easy application, even around those tricky knees and elbows. I do find you need to put a bit of elbow grease into it to get it lathered on properly. It does however, seem to go on pretty smoothly and without dodgy patches. If you do get those marks, don’t worry. Hop in the shower after application time and it seems to sort itself out.

Duration of Wear 9/10

I’ve found you need one application to last roughly a week or so depending on how often you shower/bathe and how hard you scrub. I use the St Mortiz gradual tan & protect to top it up when necessary if I see rough patches here and there.

St Mortiz, She Might Be

Cost 10/10

It’s a bargain. Aldi have it for £2.99, Boots, Superdrug and others usually sell it for under £6. The bottle lasts ages and your bank account stays happy. Win win.

Other Points worth Noting 8/10

Whilst the mousse doesn’t hold any SPF properties, the gradual tan cream has SPF30. So you can take your pick on that.

You can buy the tan in Medium or Dark. So if you just want a really gentle glow I’d hit up the Medium. Or if like me, you wanna look like you’ve been on hol for 2 weeks DARK.


Final Score: 51/60 



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