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Daisy Hollands

Mother. Plus size model. Fat Activist. Diet Industry Dropout.
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My partner and I are terrible in bed. Get your minds out of the gutter – I don’t mean like that! But we are complete opposites when it comes to the perfect night’s sleep. My favourite is when we visit his Mum and get to drift off into the magical world of memory foam at night, whereas sometimes he literally sleeps on the floor because everything is too soft for him. When BedGuru got in touch, I was intrigued – could this be the end of a decade of alternating poor sleep? Before diving in to making a purchase, I thought it would be fun to take their #CouplesQuiz and join in the campaign to promote their mattresses specifically aimed at couples.

How did you meet?

Seven years ago, I met a guy on Twitter. He didn’t even have a picture of himself as his icon, and he mostly dedicated the account to winding up celebrities and playing hashtag games. We began direct messaging, and then sending texts, and then talking on the phone for eight hours a day and the rest is history!

How long have you two known eachother?

We have known each other for around seven and a half years. Though we didn’t physically meet up until March 2010.

What do you do to keep the love alive?

After almost a decade together, it can be hard! Being kind and appreciative of each other is top priority. Compromising and making a point of acknowledging each other’s hard work. And we make each other laugh every day, which helps.


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What are your partner’s pet peeves?

We kind of share the same pet peeves – we can’t tolerate idiots at all! Slow people in the supermarket, people who don’t indicate when they’re driving, kids who don’t pick up after themselves… Pretty normal married couple pet peeves! He also gets frustrated when I steal all the covers – but then throw them onto the floor when I don’t want them anymore! And I get annoyed that we have to flip the mattress every week because it’s never quite comfy enough.

What do you love most about eachother?

We definitely love each other’s sense of humour. I always say that we don’t have to laugh all day every day, but as long as we laugh every day we are fine.

What is the most memorable gift you have received from your partner?

Would it be too corny to say my kids? Oh, and my engagement ring of course.

What is your favourite memory as a couple?

Our favourite memories are the tiny meaningless ones that make absolutely no sense to anybody else, but will crack us up every time we remember them. Inside jokes like ‘why is there countryside?’ seems like nothing, but is guaranteed to send us back in time with a good old giggle every time.

What is the most key component of your relationship?

Our family are very insistent that we are a team. It is important that we always know we are on the same side.

Where is your dream destination for a couples holiday?

We are desperate to go to the Maldives! Who wouldn’t want to lounge around in paradise for a fortnight?!

What are your favourite things to do as a couple?

It is very very rare that we have a day to ourselves with neither of our kids around. If we did, we would probably wander around some charity shops, go for a nice lunch somewhere and then go home and lounge around in bed watching movies.

It’s funny how we can be so compatible in some ways, but when it comes to sleep we are completely incompatible. BedGuru believes that everybody should get a good night’s sleep, so I was totally stoked to make this post  before heading off to explore their range of couples mattresses myself!



Daisy Hollands
Daisy Hollands

Mother. Plus size model. Fat Activist. Diet Industry Dropout.

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