Ten Ways to Know if You’re a Craft Addict

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I confess it, I am a Serial Crafter. If there’s a cushion I can sew, or a pom-pom I can fluff, I’m sold. Here are a few ways you know if you’re a craft addict. Don’t worry, we welcome and identify with you.

Pinterest Speak is your second language 

Do you spend countless hours scrolling through Pinterest looking for the next project? Well, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I’m sure you’ve discovered thousands of other like-minded people who have that adorable ‘crafts’ board on their tabs. Top marks if you find someone with the same niche as you (i.e. crochet, knit or sewist).

Craft, She Might Be
Your body becomes the best method of measurement

Don’t have a ruler or tape measure? No problem. You’ve accurately measured more pieces of string than most and can use your thumb, or different length fingers to accurately cut your fabric where needed.

You search the internet for the best fabrics/materials

Who needs ASOS, Debenhams or Facebook when you’ve got the likes of an online fabric store like Tissura. You spend hours scrolling and reading descriptions of trimmings and fabric qualities. Imagine what you could make with that felt? Perhaps some clouds for your little one’s nursery. Their inspiration tab gives you all the feels and your basket is equivalent to that of a small television. But its ok, ’cause you’ll have hours/days of fun crafting.

Craft, She Might Be

You’ve read my other craft posts on here

Oh goody, you’ve checked out my other craft posts on here. We’ve covered Wreath Making and Christmas Bobble Hat ornaments. If you’re a proper addict, you’ll be waiting to get your next fix this coming holiday season from yours truly.


Festive holidays are the best

This goes without saying, but festive periods do give you time to do ALL OF THE CRAFTING. Whether you’re decorating your house, or creating a personalised gift for your friends/family, we addicts are in full swing by December 1st.


Your craft space is the most beautiful chaotic mess (but you know where everything is)

It might look like Hobbycraft threw up in your crafting corner, but it’s ok. You know just where you put those googly eyes and pipe cleaners.

There is no such thing as waste

Do you store every spare piece of cardboard, fabric or old clothing items? Me too! I use them for any project ideas I may have. You never know, I may actually use that old tissue box some day for a rainy-day project. Can we say guitar box?


Your button box is bigger than your jewellery box 

I remember my Gran having a button box when I was younger. I used to spend hours pairing up buttons that looked pretty together and she’d sew them onto clothing for me. It’s become quite a collection over the years.


Your version of a good time is inclusive of papier mache and glitter

Your friends may be heading out for a wild one, but it’s cool cause you’re cosiest up with your best pals (which happen to be your favourite knitting needles).


You’re carrying the GOODS in your handbag

Well, you never know, there might just be time to crochet up a square or two on the bus.


Do you have any other ways you could add to this list? Let us know below! We brownie-yarn-loop stitch promise we won’t judge you for it.




Violet Glenton
Violet Glenton

Blogger, Cake-Lover, History Buff and Amazon Woman.

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