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Rachel is an elaborately decorated cupcake come to life who lives with her cat Ivan in Dallas.
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I recently participated in a market research study regarding the new range of women’s apparel at Target. I was really excited to participate, because I love Tar-Jhay, and because I hadn’t bought any clothing from them in years. Ok, and because I got paid.

Target is introducing several new clothing brands, and reinventing themselves. The study focused mostly on their new brand A New Day. The tagline for the new brand is Style That Goes Wherever You Do, and with sizes ranging from XS-4X, they’re working towards inclusivity. In the store we were in, the plus sizes were in the branded section, but still on their own racks. I actually prefer that, it’s easier to tell if something will come in my size or not. The campaign seems really focused on including plus size customers.

To their credit (and my delight), they did have lots of advertising featuring plus size models. Target - A New Day splashpage

They’ve also introduced two additional brands: Ava & Viv, focused solely on plus size customers; and Who What Wear, a trend focused streetwear brand.

I was a little disappointed in the Ava & Viv brand section, as in the store it was around the corner from the main clothing area, and the clothes just weren’t my taste. I’m also disappointed to see that online, Ava & Viv doesn’t have their own fancy splash page, like A New Day does. To be fair, it looks like Ava & Viv is more focused on basics, rather than trendier fashion pieces. As an American, I am very excited to see the Ava & Viv line has a great ASOS knit midi skirt dupe, no more shipping charges!

Who What Wear has a great look, with a ton of work-friendly yet very trendy pieces. This line is reminiscent of Misguided or Boohoo, with a more sophisticated finish. This is a collection that really looks like me. I look forward to trying out the pretty blouses and the professional dresses.

Who What Wear header

The fun of a research study is getting to tell them exactly what you think.

I felt liberated to tell them that the plus size clothing being placed around the corner was annoying. It feels like they’ll happily take my fat money, as long as we keep it on the DL. It’s offensive. I’m not your middle school girlfriend, this can’t work if you’re not proud to be with me. Since the women interviewing me were all thin, they were surprised that was something so important.

Consequently, I’m excited to try out these new pieces and to see how the quality and sizing compares to my usual haunts. I’ve been spending my extra pennies on housewares lately, so my wardrobe could definitely use a little refresh before the cold weather hits Texas.

Some of my favorite pieces from the new brands include:

striped jumpsuit

This gorgeous jumpsuit that is giving me serious Danielle Vanier vibes.

faux leather holiday outfit

These faux leather trousers, perfect for holiday parties.

Floral pencil skirt

This floral pencil skirt that will slot in perfectly with my normal work clothes.

striped shirt dress

And this shirtdress that will look just as good with tights and boots as it will with sandals and rolled up sleeves in spring.



Rachel Heart
Rachel Heart

Rachel is an elaborately decorated cupcake come to life who lives with her cat Ivan in Dallas.

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