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She Might Be Magazine is now on Patreon! We’ve been talking about this for a while and Patreon just seemed like such a good way to grow SMB and expand on the great content we already make! Plus it will allow us to make some really exciting ideas and dreams become a reality!

If you’ve never heard of Patreon before then the easiest way to explain is it that readers, subscribers, and/or followers can pledge a small or big amount a month to get exclusive rewards. It means that creatives can do more, earn a set wage a month, pay their staff, create more content, do more projects, and generally just CREATE MORE! It’s an amazing idea and website, and we really feel like we’ve made some amazing packages that make supporting She Might Be Magazine, even more rewarding!

She Might Be Magazine

We spent a lot of time on them, and no matter what tier you chose, you always get the benefits of all the other tiers before that! We have tiers at $1, $5, $10, $20, $30, $40, and $50 and the rewards start small, and the best include winning a very special photoshoot with my talented boyfriend, Alfie, as the photographer, and me as your hair stylist, makeup artist, and stylist! I’m already excited for this!

Other Patreon rewards and incentives include…

$1 a month

She Might Be Magazine

– Patreon only content – Exclusive posts and articles really only for our Patrons!

$5 a month

She Might Be Magazine

– Entered into a giveaway every month.
– Behind-the-scenes previews, see sneak peeks of posts.
– Patron-only polls, have a say in the content you want to see on SMB!
– Plus previous reward.

$10 a month

She Might Be Magazine

– Free digital print every month.
– One Follow Friday mention every month.
– Plus previous rewards.

$20 a month

She Might Be Magazine

– Access to our She Might Be Exclusive Facebook Group! Here we can be your agony aunt, personal shopper, blog mentor, life coach (Daisy is training!), or just a listening ear.
– Monthly live video on the Facebook Group (number of videos will increase as we get more Patrons).
– We’ll follow you on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.
– Plus previous rewards.

$30 a month

She Might Be Magazine

– Entry into an exclusive VIP monthly giveaway, prizes will include plus size fashion pieces, vouchers, beauty gifts etc.
– Plus previous rewards.

$40 a month

She Might Be Magazine

– Feature on our Instagram every month.
– Mentioned in a blog post every month, (first month will be a feature length post on just you.)
– Featured on our Facebook every month.
– Plus previous rewards.

$50 a month

She Might Be Magazine

– Monthly entry to win a 1 hour mentoring session with a writer of your choice, on topics such as Freelance, Social Media Management, Blogging, Makeup, and Plus Size Fashion. (Daisy, Sophie, and Georgina currently taking mentoring sessions). Via Skype, Whatsapp, or Email.
– Personalised video shoutout on our Instagram stories every month.
– A 200 x 200 advert on our Website sidebar (rotated).
– Entered into an exclusive draw to win a photoshoot in Sheffield. Travel costs will be provided. The photos will be in a post on the Magazine!
– Plus previous rewards.

Will you support She Might Be Magazine? All we need is a $1 pledge from everyone who loves the magazine! Click HERE to see our Patreon page.

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