Summer Wishlisting: Interior Edition

Almost every single year, when it starts rolling around to summer, I start wish listing like it’s going out of fashion. The improvement in the weather always has me looking around and thinking about what could use an update. Admittedly, my wish lists are usually wardrobe based, but this year I’ve been thinking more and more about my home environment too. I’m wondering how I can bring more of the warmth, light, and greenery of outside to the inside; so here are some steps I’ve already taken, and a couple I’m dreaming of making happen, to update my interior space this summer.

Houseplant Interior

PLANTS – this list was always going to start with plants! Whilst I’m partial to a bunch of pretty flowers, I particularly love leafy green houseplants such as Aspidistra, Peace Lily, and Mother-in-Law’s Tongue. I’m in the market for some cute cacti for my windowsill too. In general, succulents are a great option as they are easy to care for, although sadly I’ve personally never managed to keep one alive for vey long. I love the life green houseplants bring to a space, and their gorgeous leaves even clean the air of your home!

COLOUR – the warm weather makes me want to brighten everything up in my house, and whilst I’d love to splash some bright new paint on the walls, it doesn’t have to be quite that permanent. I’ve painted furniture, switched artwork, and even changed all the soft furnishings to brighter and bolder hues. These small adjustments really make an interior feel summer appropriate, and the best part is that they can all be switched back to something with an Autumnal vibe to cosy the space up when October comes around.

Lantern Roof


RENOVATION – if you are in the market for a more large scale, or adventurous, summer update then the ultimate way to bring the outdoors into the home is a conservatory or orangery with a high and wide aluminium lantern roof. This is a dream idea for me, and as soon as I’m able to do some serious restructuring on my home this is at the top of my wish list. It’s the ultimate way to freshen up your interior space and bathe your home in natural sunlight – and I know my houseplants would absolutely love it too!

NATURAL MATERIALS – wood, rattan, hessian… natural textures and materials feel just right for interior spaces in the summer months. That cane furniture isn’t only for the garden, and light cotton sheets feel like bliss when the long day and evening have been warm. Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and a place for synthetics, but when the sun is high I love to switch out some pieces to more natural, traditionally ‘outdoor’ materials.


Do you shake up your home decor for the summer months? Will you get some new plants or swap out some of the soft furnishings like I do? Or do you have some big renovations planned for your space this year? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear your stories!

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