5 Summer Holiday Stereotypes I Love to Love

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We are so close to Summer I can almost taste it, and what is the best thing about Summer? Summer holidays! I haven’t been abroad in years, but we try to at least drive to a beach or something so that we feel a little bit like we’re doing something fun and exotic. As exotic as Weymouth Pier can be!


I love a BBQ and there’s nothing quite like getting the sand between your toes, but my favourite thing about Summer is the wealth of Summer Holiday Stereotypes that we get to see roaming the high streets. From half naked men as soon as the sun pops out from behind the clouds, to the lobster-red ladies who are asleep by the shore. Here are a handful of my favourite humans to people-watch every Summer!

  1. Adam Ant. No, this is not my admission of guilt: I am not stalking 80s pop icon, Adam Ant. What I am actually referring to is the number of holiday makers who sport a stunning white streak across the bridge of their nose, while the rest of their face appears vibrantly nude. I get a real kick out of the Summer Stereotype who believes that they have an invincible face except for their nose, which is just that all-important inch and a half closer to the sun.
  2. The Awkward Traveller. You definitely know the type: the traveller who doesn’t understand personal space, or who might not have washed since their last Summer holiday. Or the one who thinks that the entire carriage needs to be party to their joke or phone call. And I’m not the only person who is amused by this! Oh, and don’t even get me started on the people who eat in the most audible way humanly possible with no good reason to do so.
  3. The Strippers. I hope they don’t expect me to tuck a quid into their boxers when they walk past me while I’m out and about, because with the amount of almost-nudes you see walking down the high street on a sunny day I’d be skint in an hour. Is this an exclusively British thing? Because as soon as the sun shines, British high streets are pebble-dashed with pasty chests and t-shirt tans, and I’m left seeing more male nipple than I’d want to see in a lifetime. I won’t get political because, really, #freethenip and gender come to mind, but at least the tendency to strip off in hot weather appears to be something that is embraced by all body types! Hooray for body positivity!
  4. Dads Down Under. There is nothing I love more than a middle aged man grabbing a pair of khaki shorts and a cork-brimmed hat and looking like he thinks he’s some sort of weather-worn explorer at the origin of discovery, just because the sun is shining. Is it just me, or do they always have really knobbly knees, primed for pointing the way on their life-changing mission? Or, yknow, to the ice cream van. Both important.
  5. The Ultimate Sinners. Sandals and socks. I’ll say nothing more about it.

What Summer Holiday Stereotypes are always guaranteed to make you giggle? Or even better – are you one of these stereotypes?! We’d love to hear from you in the comments!



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