How To Stay Motivated as a Freelancer

Fortunately I’m one of those people that can just naturally work from home. I can stay extremely motivated without having to get dressed, set a schedule, or be strict with myself. I just naturally have the motivation. It’s a lifestyle that has worked really well as my disability has meant that I can’t go out much. However, I’m well aware that this isn’t the case for everyone. A few years ago my boyfriend, Alfie, tried working for me and it’s safe to say that it was extremely difficult to get him to stay motivated as a freelancer. We tried lots of things for him and so I thought I’d put together a post on ways to stay motivated as a freelancer.


Get Dressed

Just like you would if you were heading off to work, a great way to start your day is to get ready and get dressed. This means that you won’t be tempted to lounge around all day or stay in front of the tv. Being dressed will make you feel like you have to be sat upright at your desk! Makeup and hair is optional as this will take up extra time where you could be earning money.

Find YOUR Schedule

The reason I’ve said to find YOUR schedule rather than any schedule is because you might be more efficient working at a certain hour. Are you one of those people who can work up at 5am and stay motivated throughout the day? Or does waking up a little later make you more productive? Experiment with different times of day, and you might even find that when the seasons change, so do your more motivated hours too. I’ve been known to be sending emails at 6am one month, and at 12am the others.

Co-Working Offices

I took quite a few meetings at a co-working office and I was so interested in seeing the spaces. Places like Signature Works are based in city centres and are amazing spaces for small companies, freelancers, and start ups to work from. Not only are they more motivating because of the incredible companies and people that are all working around you, but they also have different facilities that can help you too. Such as an events space, meeting rooms, private offices, and more! Huge cities, like Liverpool, have hundreds of freelancer, bloggers, and small businesses all needed co-working spaces for that extra motivational boost. They’re also a brilliant place to network and make contacts.

Do you have any tips for staying motivated as a freelancer?

Georgina Grogan

Georgina Grogan

Creator of She Might Be Magazine, Mother of Cats, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, & Disability Blogger.
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Georgina Grogan
Georgina Grogan

Creator of She Might Be Magazine, Mother of Cats, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, & Disability Blogger.

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