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Statement jewellery is still something that I haven’t mastered. Sure I’ll pick up pieces from time to time, but I’ve never been one to remember to actually wear jewellery. With my style changing and evolving thanks to blogging, I’m really trying to wear more statement jewellery and just jewellery in general, so I was really excited about trying out some things from 7 Charming Sisters.

Statement Jewellery

With half of our audience being from American (which is so awesome), it made sense to show off such a lovely brand. As you’ve probably guessed, the brand was created by seven friends, that call themselves ‘work sisters’, as they’ve been working together for over 10 years! Obviously they all have completely different personalities and so their jewellery is based on them. My two pieces are from Jennifer, The Fashionista, and Kimmie, The Life of the Party, and they came with super cute cards and illustrations of the lovely sisters. There’s also Jessica, The Smart and Sexy Nerd, Kimberly, The cute All-American Girl, Paula, The Executive, Donalda, The Social Butterfly, and Melissa, The Sporty Super Mom.



Obviously the jewellery and how fashionable it is is the main reason why you’d want to buy from 7 Charming Sisters, but if you find out about the company more, you’ll find that they actually have many of their pieces made by hand by people with intellectual disabilities.

seven sisters

From Kimmie, I picked out the Make an Entrance Jewellery Set which included a necklace and matching earrings. It’s a gorgeous set made of gold plated metal alloy, and dark blue crystals. I love the ring design, I think it’s really eye capturing and so pretty. The earrings are 36 inches, with a 3 inch extender, I feel like this set would look better with a higher dress as it gets a little lost in my boobs, but I still love how it looks. The earrings look amazing against my bright red hair and I know I’m going to be wearing these a lot!


Statement Jewellery

From Jessica’s collection, I picked out the Amp It Up Earrings, I mean marble and gold earrings? They’re just SO blogger! But seriously, they are beautiful. I don’t have a very long neck for these but I don’t mind if they sit on my chest a little. I love the triangular style, the rhinestones mixed with the gold and marble, it’s just an usual style and it really works. They also come in a black option, and those are really edgy and beautiful too. It’s a simple earring back that attaches onto the longer chain and they’re really easy to put on, I didn’t think they would be! Can you tell I’m not a fancy statement jewellery person?

Statement JewelleryStatement Jewellery

I’m so impressed with the quality, designs, website, and the overall feel of 7 Charming Sisters, it really is a charming brand!

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