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If, like me, you feel  like your teeth maybe aren’t as pretty as they could be, there are a multitude of ways you can make you smile sparkle again.

For me, years  of drinking tea and fizzy pop – not to mention acidic fruit juices, has left my teeth slightly less than lovely.  I’m currently looking at different ways of improving my smile – have you ever considered any of these?


Teeth Whitening

This is a service offered by most dentists but you can also  buy kits online that you can do yourself at home. I would always say read the instructions, make sure you understand what you’re supposed to do and don’t deviate from that. I haven’t tried any of  these kits myself, but I believe they have a cumulative effect – so you will need to repeat the procedure several times to get a good result.


Clip- on Veneers

I  keep seeing ads for these pop up on my Instagram and Facebook feeds. At first glance they look okay, but on closer inspection, they do look very, very fake and my goodness they are costly – especially if you splash out and get both the top and bottom set. Personally, if I was going down this route I would have to get both sets, or the sparkly shiny new ones would just make my existing uncovered row of teeth look worse!


Porcelain Veneers.

Porcelain veneers can help disguise all manner of dental issues, everything from crooked & discoloured teeth, to gaps and broken or chipped teeth. The veneers are handcrafted, usually wafer thin and can very quickly rectify cosmetic problems, leaving you with a smile you will want to show off. Places such as Harley Street Smile Clinic offer free consultation, so you can check out all your options before you decide.



Would nicer teeth make you smile more? I don’t know if I would smile more, but I would definitely smile bigger if I went ahead with any of these solutions.




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