She Might Be Spotlight: Sophie from Busy Little Fee

Sophie, but some may recognise me online as Busy Little Fee


Where do you live?
Milton Keynes, but I come from the very north of Scotland

What do you do for a living?
I’m a receptionist for the NHS and I’m a regional editor for a national parenting website.

How long have you been blogging?
Oh god, in it’s various forms it must be around 15 years now. I have had lots of silly little livejournal blogs, blogging on MySpace etc.
My current incarnation began as VintageFee about 8 years ago, and as life got more hectic I rebranded into Busy Little Fee.
She Might Be Spotlight: Sophie from Busy Little Fee She Might Be Spotlight: Sophie from Busy Little Fee
What made you start blogging?
Inspiration from other bloggers, mostly! I loved reading about other people and seeing their outfit pictures etc, and wanted to offer something up myself. What makes me CONTINUE to blog, though, is that I love looking back on my life and all of the little things I had forgotten about.


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Who do you admire in the blogging world?
100% honest answer – Georgina was the first plus size blogger I saw who really made me feel like I could have a place in the community. I also admire my friends who manage to kick arse in the blogging world while remaining genuine and amazing.
What’s your favourite post on your blog?
The two posts I look back on more than any others are my wedding day posts. I went into almost hour-by-hour details almost and they’re super image-heavy, but I absolutely love reliving those two days.
Show us a favourite outfit?
She Might Be Spotlight: Sophie from Busy Little Fee
What did you want to be when you grew up?
If I couldn’t be an actress I would be a popstar. If I couldn’t be a popstar I would be a pilot. If I couldn’t be a pilot I would tour with theatre companies as a sign language interpreter. I do none of those things.
Do you have any pets?
Yes! Two grumpy kitties called Halpert and Beesly
What does She Might Be mean to you?
She Might Be is the magazine I have needed for so long. As the biggest writer ‘on staff’ I am very familiar with fat politics, and it is so refreshing to be part of a group of badass women who want the same things that I do. It’s awesome to honestly be able to say that the magazine you write for is your current favourite website.
Anything exciting coming up we should look out for from you?
I graduate in 2017 and life is going to change entirely, so it’ll be worth sticking around to see how (if) I cope with that!
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