She Might Be Spotlight: Artist Frances Cannon – Honest, Witty and Empowering

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Frances Cannon is an Australian-based artist whose drawings, based on self-love, are upfront about the everyday nature of being female. Often darkly witty or pragmatically honest about showing the truth in the experiences that have a lack of open discussion within society.

Frances Cannon

“Just Right” by Frances Cannon

Importantly, Frances’ work throughout these subjects emphasises self-love and self-acceptance at their core. Her drawings remind us that every little detail about ourselves and our bodies should be cherished and embraced, while showing that there are no such things as flaws. That it is the things that society deem as flaws that actually make us beautiful. Frances Cannon


“Let it Flow”

Her work is inspiring thousands to learn to love themselves and helping them become conscious of the importance of self-acceptance, and therefore self-care. She depicts bodily functions and mental health in a way that is recognisable and relatable for many people. She is a voice that is needed as so many of the subjects are still unjustifiably taboo, and the representation she gives to people also empowers them to love themselves.

Frances Cannon

“Hello Body” by Frances Cannon

Frances’ work is so empowering a movement called the Self Love Club developed from her having those words tattooed on herself. Many have followed suit, having the same permanent declaration inked on themselves, promoting and reaffirming the self-care message she so passionately encourages.

The Rules of the Self Love Club:

1. You must always show yourself respect, love, forgiveness and understanding.

2. You must show each other respect, love, forgiveness and understanding.

3. You must be kind to your body, and you must take care of your mental health.

Frances Cannon

“Lovely” by Frances Cannon

When we look at her drawings we see her but also ourselves. They are something that almost every female can identify and relate to. The subjects are presented in such a way that gives us something to smile about while also helping us acknowledge our tendency to be harsh on ourselves, and remind us that we all need to practice self-love.

Frances Cannon


“Beautiful” by Frances Cannon



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