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I swear this year is passing in the blink of an eye. It is May already. We’re one month away from a snap general election and two months away from actual full-blown Summer. So many amazing things are going to happen this year, and there have been some pretty awesome moments throughout the year so far. Here are some of our favourites from April.


Did you see Kitty’s results using the Curly Girl method? It’s also called co-washing and it has worked ridiculously well for her. She looks amazing! Kitty was absolutely killing it in the blog game this month, and released this super handy guide on how to tell the difference between real and fake fur when you’re shopping on the high street.

On a personal note, I handed in my dissertation this month! This has meant so many amazing things: I have been able to get outside and spend quality time with my children. I have been able to actually catch up on jobs around the house. And the biggest news: I have been able to play Sims 4 for the first time since I bought it. Get this, you guys: I bought it for myself as a congratulatory gift for completing my first year of University back in July 2015 and it’s taken me until the end of third year to find the time to play it!


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April is TV month in my house. Loads of our favourites come back to us; Better Call Saul, Teen Mom OG (judge me.), usually Game of Thrones though it has been postponed until July this year, boo!, The Blacklist and so many more. My husband and I have also fallen in love with Cosplay Melee this month and I’d definitely recommend it for anybody who loves cosplay – even those with interests in fashion or DIY would probably enjoy it, some of the stuff they can do is incredible. Daisy has also been introduced to some new programmes this month too, and has been loving Catastrophe and The Detroiters, and Carrie Ann recommends tucking in to Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries to get your series fix – if you’re looking for something to watch, give those a go!

I booked nine days off work in April to finish my dissertation and revise for my exams, and with the bank holidays and weekends it worked out to be a full eighteen days away from work. Of course I had to seize the opportunity to inject some fun back in to my hair, and I grabbed L’Oreal Colorista in dirty pink as a temporary way to bring some pink back in to my life. This is a temporary dye which is only meant to last 1 – 2 washes, so it was perfect for me to make the most of during my break from work. The packaging recommends leaving the product in your hair for 20 – 30 minutes before washing out, but as it claimed it doubled as a nourishing hair mask I kept it on for an evening and just washed it out before I went to bed. My hair felt SO soft as I rinsed out the product, and the colour looks absolutely gorgeous – much deeper than it looks on the box, perhaps because I kept it on for so long. I haven’t washed it yet because I want to keep it in for as long as possible – I try to only wash my hair around twice a week because it gets frizzy and dry – but so far it is on day four and only feels greasy/like it needs a wash today. Even if it all comes out in one wash it has done more than I expected it would.

This article is a couple of years old, but Zoë found it this month on a day that she really needed to read it. Lindy and Aham looked amazing on their big day, and it truly looks like it was such a happy wedding.

Zoë was also pleasantly surprised to find some plus items on Lipsy’s website this month, including this Junarose sweat dress that is so not her usual style, but I can definitely see her rocking it with some sunnies and ankle boots this Summer.

Carrie-Ann didn’t let Easter weekend’s bad weather get the best of her this month, and instead she took her festivities indoors to have a carpet picnic. April is the best month because hello, chocolate! But her carpet picnic was an adorable idea and the best way to make sure the rain never puts a dampener on your plans.

This Art Deco inspired dress by Lady V has captured Carrie-Ann’s heart this month, and its not hard to see why! I had previously seen this dress and nicknamed it the ‘applecado’ dress because they look like avocados with red apple skin, and I can definitely see Carrie-Ann looking adorable in some applecado!

This dress of dreams by ASOS is going to be the plus size dress of Summer 2017, I just know it. It is sold out in every size from a 20 upwards (hello ASOS, plus size people are clearly buying from you! Please make more!) and I am ridiculously sad that I can’t get hold of one myself. The yellow. The pompom sleeves. The fabric. It is amazing. Kitty surprised Steph Yeboah with this dress earlier in the month and it looks astounding on her. I defy you to put this dress on and not want to immediately get yourself out in the sunshine.

We’re loving these jeans by ASOS for the crossover from sometimes-chilly Spring to searing Summer. A good pair of ripped jeans need to be a wardrobe staple, and the bleached bottoms on this pair have won our hearts.


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