Three Reasons A Smartphone Is A Great Gift For Any Guy

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No matter the occasion, it’s always hard to find good gifts for the men in your life. Typically, they keep themselves quite closed off and rarely talk about the things they love. Then, when you do find something they like, you kind of overuse the gift idea all the time – or is that just me? My husband always ends up with the same themed gifts for birthdays, Valentine’s days, Christmas, and so on. He loves gadgets, though, and I’ve come to realise that a smartphone would be the perfect present.

While it may seem like an expensive gift, it’s still a gift that will bring a grin to any guys face. There are many reasons they’ll like this gift and many reasons it’s a great idea. If you don’t believe me, you can check out all these reasons right here:


They’ll Never Be Bored Again

The beauty of a smartphone is that they’re, well, smart! They’re smart enough to go beyond the usual call and text functions and offer so much more. The man in your life can play mobile games on their phone that are really engrossing and take hours to complete. In fact, some games are neverending and can constantly be replayed over and over again. 

The great thing is, there are so many different mobile games out there for your man to download and play instantly. If they’re into adventure games, they can find allies in the Final Fantasy XV mobile game. If they’re a sports lover, they can sink some hole-in-ones in Golf Clash – a top rated game on the App Store. If they prefer to test their mind, perhaps they can download Puzzledom, a puzzle game with loads of puzzles rolled into one package. You get the idea; there’s something out there for everyone, and it means you might finally have found the gift that your loved one isn’t likely to get bored with!

They’ll Actually Answer Their Phone

Having a smartphone means they’ll be more likely to answer their phone whenever you ring, so there will be no more endless missed calls when you get to the shop and realise you’ve left your list at home. Oh, and smartphones can be linked up to cars via Bluetooth or wifi – so they can answer while they drive too. Definitely handy when you’re travelling long distances without eachother and need to keep in touch!

They Can Capture Memories

These days, smartphones have taken over most people’s need to buy a camera. Back in the day, every dad, uncle, and grandad in the country carried around a camcorder. They’d film everything at family parties and outings, collecting loads of memories. Then, there seemed to be a period where no one had a camcorder or video recording device as they were too bulky to carry around.

Well, with a smartphone, the man in your life has a video recorder in their pocket at all times. They’ll always be able to capture memories; no matter where they are. Whether it’s your child’s first school play, or the fireworks display on New Years Eve – they’ll never miss a moment again. In fact, if they are anything like my husband, they will take 50 pictures of every single moment. In reality, though, it is great for the family as you get to document and save special moments with one another.

When you think about it, a smartphone is pretty much the perfect gift. They give the owner everything they need; functionality, entertainment, and a camera/video recorder too. Not to mention the fact that new versions come out all the time, so you can upgrade your gift every year or two. Plus, phones come with accessories like cases, protective screens, car mounts, and so on. As a result, you’ve immediately got loads of additional gift ideas for other occasions!



Sophie Griffiths
Sophie Griffiths

Lifestyle and home education blogger at Wildling Wishes, main contributor and editor for She Might Be, draws pictures for money at Rymermade on Etsy.

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