We want ‘Size WIDE Please’!


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So, we’re all familiar with the term “size fat please!” well, for me, the same applies when it comes to footwear.


The range of wide fit shoes is frankly, abysmal. Even amongst some of our favourite brands, there is a very limited supply of wide fit shoes and boots. You visit a website and see a great pair that would go perfectly with that outfit you’ve got planned for a friend’s wedding, only to find there is only standard fit. I have spent literally hours online and trawling the high street in search of wide fit flats. That’s it, nothing special or groundbreaking, just a simple pair of black wide fit flats. It’s been the bane of my life. The ones I came across were either not the right size or shape, or just not my style. I finally found a pair from Simply Be’s new range.


The thing is it shouldn’t be this hard, and the array of fabulous shoes for those lucky enough to buy standard fit should be extended to those who can’t. I know the demand is there. Just glancing at social media proves that people are tired of not being able to find a suitable pair of shoes that fit without having to stretch them out or having feet shredded from walking in uncomfortable shoes all day. Below is just a small selection of fabulous shoes I wish were in a wider fit:



Knot Slippers, £36 | Skater Loafers, £35 | Slipper Shoes, £38

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Red Velvet Block Sandals, £40 | Black Patent Tassel Loafers, £28 | Pink Slip-on Mules, £55




Speaker Pointed Heel, £28 | Heeled Sandals, £38 | Tie Heeled Sandals, £45

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This post could go on forever with shoes, boots and sandals that are glorious, but unavailable in wide fit. There needs to be more effort put into making consumers feel like they are catered for. However, I just wanted to give a nod to New Look, as they seem to have the most “on trend” selection of wide fit footwear.


So this is my war cry to all brands – Size WIDE please!





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