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Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym

For anyone who’s followed me throughout my pregnancy and into motherhood you’ll know I was slightly clueless when it came to toys. I hold no shame in saying I couldn’t really understand why I needed a giraffe toy for teething, but several other rattles and balls for engaging his senses. I’ve quickly picked up things and put them to practice to help my little boy’s development. But it’s been a learning curve for me. I attend baby sensory classes weekly but would love to have something for home.

Now, many toys/activities had become little games but sometimes it would have been nice for this mamma to have had a little rest. Any mother knows this is super difficult as 1) it’s difficult to let go, and 2) you can’t just leave you baby chillin’ on the floor. When I spotted the Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym I knew it was ideal for this situation.

Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym

With me near by I was able to let him lay legs kicking (his favourite) on a soft comfortable, plush mat with entertainment galore. I’d been letting him lay on blankets prior to this and it felt so nice to have a proper purposeful mat. The mat itself is thick and can be wiped down when your baby brings up a little milk (or in our case a lot). Best of all, I’ve been able to bring home some of those sensory development tips and tricks. The activity gym has 5 toys attached.

  • A Cloud with rain droplets (perfect for grabbing)
  • An Bird with a rattle attachment (perfect for shaking)
  • A Sun Mirror (perfect for a little vanity) – Jasper LOVES his reflection
  • A Musical Sheep (which plays You are my Sunshine)
  • A Star which flashes lights (perfect for strengthening those eyes!)

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Activity Gym

There are heaps of benefits to having an activity gym. For one, I’m able to sit next to Jasper on the floor whilst he plays safely (with supervision). In time, I’ll be using this to help him with tummy time as the cloud pillow is easily moved for games.




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