Shopping For Size 9+ Feet

Shopping For Size 9+ Feet

When it comes to shopping for shoes, having very small, wide, or bigger feet than the average 4-8 can prove incredibly tricky! My feet come in at a 10EEE which is becoming more and more common in women as they get taller and taller, yet actually buying shoes in a size 9+ proves almost impossible. In store it’s a futile effort, and even online it’s a real mission. I’ve found a few places that stock those elusive bigger sizes and wanted to share my favourites.

My go-to store for more on trend styles is Yours Clothing. They sell from a 4 up to a 10EEE. Every size comes in standard, E or EEE fittings which is brilliant. In the size 10s there are 62 styles, versus well over 100 in the 9s and lower. It’s a drastic difference, but it’s slim pickings for size 10s so I take what I can get! They have funky platforms, winter boots, cute sandals and plimsolls. Most of their styles are faux leather and suedette which is ideal for anyone who, like myself, doesn’t wear animal products!

Shopping For Size 9+ Feet

Next up is the classic Evans. They were the only place I could buy shoes from for years, and they sell sizes 4 to 11 in standard, wide and extra wide. There are a whopping 77 styles in a size 11 which is amazing, 137 in a size 10, and up to 199 in the other sizes. Evans are one of the few places that sell size 11s in wide fit, designed for women! I consider Evans the ultimate for office footwear, they sell more sensible styles and are less fashion forward, but always stock fantastic boots for winter too. If you are into ballet style flats, definitely check them out.

Shopping For Size 9+ Feet Shopping For Size 9+ Feet Shopping For Size 9+ Feet

Brantano offer a limited range in a size 10, only about 20 options online at the moment, but one advantage with Brantano is that you can order the shoes in the store, try them on, and then decide if you want to buy them or not. While they only have a handful of styles, what they have is surprisingly cute, and perfect for a funky office look.

Shopping For Size 9+ Feet Shopping For Size 9+ Feet

My final store is somewhat more surprising… the ASOS men’s section! The men’s section goes from a size 3 up to a size 13, so they have a massive range. Men’s fashion has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, and the shoe choices ASOS has are incredibly versatile and androgynous. I scored a pair of holographic trainers in the men’s section; a total dream shoe for me I had thought was out of my reach because of my shoe size. Never be afraid to shop in menswear sections if you have larger feet. Society has created gender boundaries that apply to even the size of our feet, and I’m not ashamed to say I wear mostly unisex or men’s shoes anymore.

Shopping For Size 9+ Feet Shopping For Size 9+ Feet Shopping For Size 9+ Feet

These are my current favourite places to shop for my big feet, if you have any surprise stores you can recommend please leave it in the comments and share the knowledge too!

Kitty Morris

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