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Passionate about plus size clothing and having clothes to fit all. Fat positive, body positive and generally a fan of loving the skin you're in.

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Shopping for pretty dresses?  I got it in the bag! Searching for plus size men’s suits? I definitely need some guidance.

This will come as a surprise to many of you, but when it comes to male fashion I am far from an expert. In fact, when it comes to plus size men’s fashion, I know even less! However, as someone dedicated to the cause of fat fashion, I thought I would take a little look to see what is out there. I know, that much like female plus size fashion the options for shopping are much more abundant online, however research has show me that actually places exclusively high street such as Primark, do have lots of options in large mens sizes. In fact, there are many plus size fashionistas that shop the men’s section for clothing – and rightly so! Although clothing is labelled as genders for ease of being able to shop, I’m all for those wearing what they want, when and how they want it.

High Street Fashion

What I was pleased to see is that many of the brands I shop with, have brands tailored towards men too! Yours Clothing reasonably recently launched Bad Rhino and Simply Be have had Jacamo for a while. The Simply Be shops I have visited have always had a Jacamo attached to them, but I have yet to see a Bad Rhino shop – perhaps that is something that will happen in the future?

What I liked about both of these brands is that they offer everyday items similar to what you would see on the high street. Simple items like jeans and a t-shirt might seem really basic, but if you’re unable to buy them in straight sizes then brands like this can be a lifesaver. Not only that, but they also offer dressier options too, all at different price points.

Plus Size Men's Suits

Plus Size Men’s Suit close up

Fitted Clothing

When I started to look into more tailored clothing, I did find that there were slightly less options – but that matches what is currently available in female fashion. However, there were lots of options out there you just need to know where to look. For example, if you want a plus size suit up to a size 62″ chest then the website Suits Men is a great choice, as they have loads! Now, I should point out here that I am no expert when it comes to dressing a male body so make sure you check measurements and get something that fits you well. I know for me, wearing something ill-fitting is a nightmare, so I can’t see men’s clothing being any different. There are tonnes of guides on how to measure for a suit, and I’m sure if you pop them an email they’ll be able to help too.

Do you have any tips for dressing well as a plus size man? I’d love to hear them!





Passionate about plus size clothing and having clothes to fit all. Fat positive, body positive and generally a fan of loving the skin you’re in.

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