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The night might be dark and full of terrors, but there is no reason that your wardrobe can’t be on fire for the exciting finale of this season of Game of Thrones. Are you a Mother of Dragons, or a fierce lioness? A vicious sand snake, or a fearless Wildling? Either way, I have sourced some pieces so you can recreate some of the looks of the baddest babes in Game of Thrones – but with a plus size twist! I picked eight ladies from the show who know (or knew! No spoilers here!) their own strength and are/were killing it in a man’s world. Let the Lord of Light put a spotlight on these babes, and let’s dive straight in.

Daenerys’ fashion is really sleek, full of figure-hugging styles and asymmetrical shapes. Though the head of the Targaryen family did go through a phase of gorgeous aqua and teal colour palettes, she’s been rocking charcoals recently – perhaps as a nod to her fiery babies. This wrap dress is so Khaleesi in itself, and if you’ve been invited to a Thrones party make sure you arrive wearing this gorgeous Joe Brown jacket in the perfect Mother of Dragons shape. Pair it with these charcoal jeggngs and matching grey boots, with buckle detailing that is undeniably Daenerys.

Okay, so gathering pieces for an Arya outfit can be a little difficult. After all, a girl has no name – and her look completely depends on which face she is wearing. I decided to opt for a simple tunic with a dark brown gilet, replicating her style while she was en route to Braavos. Finish the Arya look with these adorable ankle boots which will give you ample grip for your sword fights while making you look ridiculously cute.

Before you look at this gorgeous Gatsby Lady dress and think “Brienne of Tarth? Glamorous?!” – hear me out. Firstly, the shapes in this design are so strong, they could be made for Brienne. The pattern itself reminds me of a suit of armour and, teamed with this boxy military jacket I think it portrays power yet elegance. I’m totally feeling this outfit. The boots are solid and practical, and the triple buckle detailing makes them look like they came straight out of Game of Thrones. Sure, the outfit is a little feminine. But I kind of feel like Brienne is so much more than armour and broad shoulders.

I don’t know if it’s my ginger hair or my Scottish origins, but I am loving the Wildlings. Ygritte is the ultimate Wildling: she’s tough, she’s witty and she’s ready to take you on. This jumpsuit is ideal because the layered ruffles give the impression of added bulk, which is so important in the Wildling aesthetic. Added fur from this gorgeous gilet, and over the knee boots because it gets cold beyond the wall. And, y’know, style. Throw some chunky braids into your hair and practice your Northern accent (or if you’re Northern – just talk, I guess) and you are ready to be everybody’s favourite lady-Wildling.

There is nobody badder than the lioness of House Lannister herself. This badass babe is among the most thirsty for the Iron Throne, and her fashion reflects it. The trumpet sleeves on this red dress are the perfect way to portray a regal Lannister-esque visual, while the corseted belt throws in just that little bit of leather and lets you know that she is suited, booted and ready to mess you up. I chose these leather effect leggings because to me they feel tough and sleek, which is incredibly Cersei to me. The slight heel on the boots gives Cersei power, elevating her to the height of the men around her who are battling for the throne. Or, if you’re feeling really daring, watch the Game of Thrones finale naked and have a mate whisper ‘Shame’ in your ear every three seconds. Both are good.

Missandei is Danaerys’ partner in many ways, and she is beneath her in even more, but in fashion I kind of feel like she is the true Khaleesi. I cannot tell you how long I spent looking for a leather crop top that was available in plus size, because I was willing to compromise the shape and the colour but I was not willing to compromise the presence of the leather crop top itself. I paired it up with these balloon pants and a pair of sandals that I thought could kind of resemble dragon skin, as a nod to her time under Daenerys. Missandei’s outfit was definitely one of the main ones that highlighted to me the inequality in plus size and straight size clothing, representing a serious dearth of plus size clothing which could be considered sexy or revealing. In fact, I was almost reduced to using a bikini top in this outfit but I refused to tell my fellow fats that they were just going to have to make do. 

Ellaria isn’t a hugely active character in Game of Thrones, but the screen time she does have is filled with ferocity and top notch fashion. Her colour palette focusses on mustards and browns, mixing subtle flashes of femininity with a masculine silhouette. This military jacket was the closest I could find to those almost-horned shoulders, and the perfect way to add a touch of masculinity to an otherwise traditionally femme outfit. Though Ellaria tends to show some cleavage, I chose a high necked yellow jumpsuit because the shape and colour were just too perfect for this outfit, and these brown sandals had some super interesting shapes and the colour reminded me of sand and embers, which is perfect given Ellaria’s Hellholt origins. 

And finally, Melisandre. I’m going to be completely honest here: Melisandre is among my least favourite characters in Game of Thrones – but there is no denying she is a powerful one. The Red Witch acts on behalf of the Lord of Light, so of course I had to get some reds in there, but because the night is ‘dark and full of terrors’ I went with really deep reds. Lets be honest, Melisandre doesn’t tend to stay in her clothes for long – so feel free to skip the dress if you really want to! I picked this burgundy dress which is much shorter than something that Melisandre would normally wear, but paired with these gorgeous deep red shoes you are able to portray the really sexy element to this character. The choker I picked out doesn’t look exactly like the one from the programme, but I wanted to pick something that would fit larger necks and I really liked that this pattern looks like dragon scales. The choker is definitely an integral part of any Melisandre outfit, and offers a certain elegance and sensuality to this look in particular.

Who is your favourite babe from Game of Thrones? And, more importantly – who do you think will sit upon the Iron Throne? I’d love to read your thoughts and theories in the comments – but please, lets keep it spoiler-free!




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