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Oh my 1920s! Be still my beating heart! Gatsbylady has to be one of my most favourite brands of late.

Incredibly size-inclusive, showcasing a variety of sizes on their site, social media and catwalks, it’s brought 1920s fashion to plus-size women in a way that for me simply wasn’t there before. Plus, I am a sucker for anything sequins and fringes.
It’s dangerous to leave me alone with their website for more than 5 minutes, and I’ve been going through the site and selecting my favourites! Totally socially acceptable to have all of these dresses … right?!


Dolores Vintage Inspired Maxi Prom Dress in Champagne

Pure. Elegance. This is a very elegant, light colour with gentle beading, and would be perfect for a wedding. Probably best worn with a strapless or nude strap bra, as this has sheer shoulders. All of these dresses are hand beaded, which is further impressive when you zoom in on the detail on this one.

Francesca Vintage Inspired Flapper Dress in Black Gold

I adore the detail on this one, the lines and patterns seem to encourage you to look further, like a work of art. Looking at the models on the page wearing it, this dress is designed to hug the figure in wonderfully beautiful ways. Exquisite.


Carolyn Vintage Inspired Maxi Cape Dress in Navy Blue

Such an understated design, but with sweet embellished edges. This looks ideal for an evening do, particularly with the sheer shoulder cover. The shape is so very typical of 1920s evening wear too, with swathes of fabric enveloping you.


Angel Sleeve Vintage Inspired Flapper Dress in Emerald Green

The sleeves on this one are truly gorgeous. I happened to look at the video amongst the images on this one, and clocked how the sequins glitter as it catches the light. This is a great colour too, a real statement piece. A great party or occasion outfit. Or, wear it around the house and feel a million bucks!


Hollywood Vintage Inspired Fringe Dress in Black Navy

*fanning self* This is where my willpower starts to falter. The colour is incredible, the length perfect, the detail utterly outstanding. This one is actually living on my bookmarks as one to watch, for when funds allow or I cave and use my credit card; whichever comes first.

Go have a look for yourself; Gatsbylady’s dresses are a must see, must wear, and must do the Charleston in! If anyone wants me, I’ll be lusting over my #1 pick.



Steff Benton

Blogger and plus size model with a passion for music and vintage style. Loves anything cosmic, charming, or cats.

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