Self Love Brings Beauty: The Reason I Am in Love With Myself

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While I was at work a few weeks ago, I spotted someone with a red hoodie emblazoned with the words “Self Love Brings Beauty”. Recognising those illustrated hands on it, I immediately started talking to the lady wearing it. We spoke in harmony about how amazing the movement is and how wonderful it was to be able to share a common ground with people we may have never spoken to otherwise. There is such a sense of belonging and community with Self Love Brings Beauty that it is recognisable from a simple tee.

Felicity Hayward established Self Love Brings Beauty in 2015. Since then, a community has been created that is all about loving yourself and others without adjusting yourself in any way. Self Love Brings Beauty is an all embracing, positive self-appreciation movement that begins with you. With self love comes the beauty that only you can truly appreciate. It is about nurturing and sustaining your mental health and as a result feeling peaceful.

In the campaign, Felicity perfectly represents her philosophy. There’s nothing more encouraging and more able to fill you with self confidence than seeing literally EVERYONE represented. She shows each person is valued, each person is worth the space they occupy and should be celebrated. I love feeling safely nestled in this community and that there are increasing opportunities to bump into others wearing these tees. The community is ever growing and is getting the attention it deserves!

Self Love Brings Beauty

Self Love Brings Beauty is a universal safe space where you can celebrate everything about yourself with not a single ounce of judgement from anyone else. Even better, there is no judgement from yourself. Learning to love yourself is one of the hardest things you can do, but once you have it is glorious and it is even better to see there is a community out there that welcomes you and helps you through the journey to self acceptance.

The value of a tee shirt with a slogan should never be underestimated.



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