Do What Scares You In 2017

Nicola Lombardi

Retro loving plus size girl, I love experimenting with my red hair, embracing the thighs of life, trying to perfect the perfect brow and being continuously torn between wanting to be a real life mermaid or a Disney villain...choices.

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If 2016 taught us anything, it’s to be fearless in 2017. There is no time to be afraid of what someone might think of you or be worried about how you look to others. I’ve been thinking a lot about this in the last year and from this month onward,  I’m going to act, and make sure I do what scares me.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always worried about my thighs. I’m short and they’re wobbly so I’ve always hidden them away. What I started to realise this past summer though, when I first dared myself to wear a high waisted vintage-feel two piece swim suit, was that there is absolutely no reason to think this. I have a body, some of it wobbles. And? Why should that stop me from buying or wearing certain styles? It shouldn’t. Previously,  this was always easier said than done. Not this year though. I’m going to be pushing myself to wear the styles that used to scare me, the skinny trousers, the shift dresses, hell, maybe even a mini skirt.

do what scares you

I’m going to be wearing fabric and colours I would always hide away from. This year we need to stop hiding. There are no rules, none. Like the meme says “If you like it, wear it”, and this couldn’t be more true. So this week I bought my first pair of smart skinny trousers for work. I would always look at them and wish I could wear them. Then this weekend I chose to stop wishing, and just put my body in them! They felt great so I looked great, it really was that simple.

This particular pair came from Primark, cost £11 and were a monochrome checked pair; they were stretchy which was fab as I actually love a really tapered look so these looked great. I got a size 20 as I didn’t have time to try them on but they’re so stretchy I would recommend sizing down. I’m 5″2 and while these are a little long they were easily turned under without hemming. I will definitely be rocking these a lot this month.


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Another purchase that pushed my boundaries came inspired by Zoe’s post on metallics. I saw her in that shift dress (now £31.00) and just had to have it. I bagged it in the sale too which was a bargain. She is right, it’s listed as bronze but it is bright gold, which is nothing like anything I have, and I loved it. It does have zero give and is so much shorter than anything I usually wear,  but I love it.  I wished I’d known in advance about the zero give as I would have sized up, because it was a little tight at times but the fabric is gorgeous and I’m so happy I chose it and tried something new.

do what scares you

The only down side is now these new purchases have opened up more shopping possibilities for me…which does not bode well for January. However, my pursuit of further thigh confidence continues, and I’m sure I can fit in some accidental shopping somewhere…


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