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Recently I’ve been making more of an effort to look after my hair, which means cutting down on heated styling products when blowdrying and styling. The problem is my hair is rather thick which means I could leave it for hours and hours on end and it would still be soaking wet. If I use a hair dryer it could take me a good 45 minutes and that’s just with shoulder length hair. Using direct heat for that length of time on your hair, over a long period of time, could do serious damage, resulting in split ends and frazzled knotted hair that breaks and looks like it needs some TLC.

Needless to say if anything can help treat my hair a little better, I’ll definitely give it a go so I was delighted to have the chance to review the Aquis Hair Towel. The Aquis Hair Towel promises to reduce the harm done to your hair through styling and drying. It’s made up of a uniquely absorbent fabric that wicks water away without any friction damage caused by the rubbing of conventional towels. You just wash your hair and wrap it up and let it work it’s magic and magic, it is!

Aquis Hair Towel


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Aquis Hair Towel

I’ve been using the Aquis Hair Towel for a month now, twice a week and I can honestly say it has revolutionised my hair care and styling routine. If I leave my wet hair wrapped up for an hour, my hair is substantially dryer and feels so much healthier, it’s softer and much less frazzled. If I do choose to use heated products on it I end up with a very sleek and nourished ‘do.

I would highly recommend the Aquis Lisse Luxe Hair Towel to anyone who’d like to cut down on damaging their hair, or anyone who’d like to take steps in returning their hair to health. It’s also worth mentioning that because this hair towel cuts down on styling times and drying times, it means it’s a fantastic option for those who also suffer with chronic pain or tiredness. Less work = more spoons and nobody says no to an extra spoon.




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