Prepping Your House For Winter

I seem to have blinked and it’s freezing cold outside already. Winter is well and truly here. It’s way past the time to start prepping your house for winter, but if you haven’t started already then here’s some things that you should start thinking about right away.

Boiler Service
Whether you own your own home, rent, or live with your parents. You have to be sure that your boiler is being serviced once a year. The best time to have your boiler serviced is just before the winter, so you can make sure any problems are swiftly taken care of. New Central heating systems can last 10 to 15 years if properly serviced every year and if you have chemicals put in your system every three years. Boilers and boiler repairs can be extremely pricey, this is why having it serviced every year is so important. You need to have it fully checked and serviced to make sure there will be no unexpected problems come winter.¬† You don’t want to be having boiler problems when there’s 2 feet of snow outside and more on the way. Boiler services don’t cost a lot, and often they do a gas safety check of your other appliances too, like your gas cooker and gas fire.¬†Prepping your house for winter is pointless without having a boiler service too.

prepping your house for winter

Prevent Pipes Freezing
Have you ever had your pipes freeze during winter? It’s an absolute nightmare. This is when your central heating boilers are so cold there’s no heating or no hot water. To prevent this, it’s best to leave your heating on at all times, even if you don’t need it, just on the lowest setting so that your pipes don’t freeze. If your pipes do freeze they could expand and burst, causing much bigger problems, expensive problems. We’re talking flooding! If you know your pipes are prone to freezing then consider insulating your pipes, especially if they’re on an outside wall, and never turn your heating off. This does sound expensive, but it’s a much cheaper option than your house flooding.

One of the most common problems that happen is the condensate pipe freezing. My dad has hundreds of these calls every year. When the condensate pipe freezes there’s no heating and no hot water, your boiler will sound like a kettle. If this happens then a quick DIY fix would be to then turn boiler off, go to the outside to the white or black pipe, and simply pour hot water over it. Be super careful not to pour hot water over the flue. If you’re unsure about what this is, then it’s always best to call a plumber who can either advise over the phone (like my dad does), or will come out and do this for you.

Prepare For Snow
Getting out and about when the snow and ice is here can be really dangerous and a general nightmare. Having your own supply of grit or salt to make your driveway and access to your car easier, can really be helpful. I can’t go out if there’s ice/snow at all in case I fall with having chronic back pain. So we usually clear off the drive so it’s safer. Having a shovel, de-icer, water in your car, and setting off much earlier than you expected, all are great ways and things to have to help prepare for the snow.

What are your top tips?

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Georgina Grogan

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Georgina Grogan
Georgina Grogan

Creator of She Might Be Magazine, Mother of Cats, Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, & Disability Blogger.

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