Top 5 Practical Wedding Tips You Need To Know

As someone who has spent the best part of the last 18 months planning their wedding, I’m now at the point where I have just one month to go, so I’ve been spending a bit of time reflecting on the whole process. I’ve been thinking about what was useful, the pieces of advice that helped the most, and what things I wish I’d known sooner.

One of the biggest challenges I faced was finding ways to stay organised, and coming up with ideas to keep track of everything, so I thought I’d share with you my top 5 practical wedding tips.

 Practical Wedding Tips You Need To Know

List, list and list again

As obvious as this may seem, make sure you’re keeping lists. Whether you prefer to keep them on your laptop in a word or excel document, on an app on your phone, or the good old fashioned way with pen and paper; in the planning stages you can’t keep too many lists! Every couple of weeks, sit down and refresh the lists with where you are up to with your planning and budget, this will keep you on track and help focus you if things feel like they are getting away from you.

As an example, I have a huge spreadsheet with separate tabs for the budget, to do list, DIY tasks, planning timeline, things left to buy, a decorations list, and the final runtime of the day. I know that sounds like a lot, but it’s been absolutely invaluable.

Communication is key

Talk to your partner, family, friends, and vendors as often as you like about the wedding. Don’t worry for a second about bothering people too often; if you need to find out something then just ask! I’d say this is most important with your vendors: keep checking in with them. Once deposits and then balances for vendors are paid, don’t let more than a month or two go by without touching base with them in some way, especially if they have been booked far in advance of your wedding date.

Be honest

In a similar vein, be honest and upfront about what you want and expect from people. Again, this goes just as much for vendors as it does for friends and family. Tell vendors exactly what you’d like them to provide, and don’t allow yourself to be pushed in a direction you aren’t keen on. An awful lot of wedding frustrations or arguments can come from miscommunication and crossed wires, remaining totally transparent with everyone can prevent an added headache.

Collect guest photos

Everyone loves coming up with their wedding hashtag, don’t they? Now, think about the last few weddings you’ve been to and – be honest – did you bother to use the hashtag every time? How many of the pictures you took even ended up on social media? To collect and keep all the photographs that your guests take on your wedding day, get yourself set up with an online wedding photo sharing service that guests can easily access and upload every moment they captured of your big day.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

If I could go back in time and give myself the biggest of all the practical wedding tips it would be this one: remember that your friends and family want to be involved. They want to help you, so let them.


Those are my top tips, but do you have any practical wedding tips that you found to be really helpful either on your wedding day or during the planning? If so, please do share with us and let us know in the comments below!

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