Positive Highlights of Plus Size Fashion in 2016

 Postive Highlights

Ah, 2016, what a year. For many (myself included) the past 12 months have been a hard slog from beginning to end. But in amongst the awfulness many of us have experienced positive moments. Both personally and out there in the plus size fashion world, there have been shining examples of good people doing good things. And this is what this post is here to do, to help round the year off with a reflection on the positive, here are some of the great things that happened in plus size fashion during 2016.



1.) Navabi, #moreplusplease


Navabi More Plus Please


Here at She Might Be we love Navabi, they are very good eggs. At the beginning of the year Navabi launched their call for more plus size representation in the media as a whole. They surveyed popular UK women’s magazines and found that of the women depicted only 8% were plus size in weekly mags, and a paltry 2% were plus size in the monthly editions. #moreplusplease was a call to arms by a major plus size brand, who are not only proud to cater to plus size people but are also prepared to loudly push for inclusivity.



2.) Ekineyo

Ekineyo are a US brand based in New York City that specialise in cool and contemporary basics, this brand came to our attention because of the size range in the models they use. Every item they sell is photographed on models ranging from XS to 3X, so people of different sizes can get a better idea of how each piece would look on their own body. While here in the UK we are frequently presented with size UK14 models wearing UK18+ clothing which has either been pinned to fit or hangs shapelessly on their bodies; small brands like Ekineyo (who aren’t even ‘plus’ specific) show that plus size representation can be done and done well.



3.) Style Beyond 22: Size 22+ Lookbook


Style 22 Plus Cover


A project spearheaded by Marcy of Fearlessly Just Me, this lookbook for size 22+ style features 12 plus size fashion bloggers showing pretty clearly that style absolutely doesn’t stop at a size 22. We want more of this kind of thing! Better visibility of sizes above a 22 is integral to the overall push for more accurate representation, and if the media aren’t getting on board with us then hell we’re just going to have to do it ourselves. This lookbook is a great example of the way we in the plus size community aren’t just taking what we’re handed any more, and long may it continue.



4.) eBay Curve Launch Videos



When eBay took the unexpected (but very welcome) steps into catering for the plus size market, three beautifully produced and thoughtful videos appeared. All three challenged perceptions of plus size people and sought to simply tell our stories, show us as we are. Featuring some of our fave plus size bloggers, the videos were a stroke of genius by eBay and a firm favourite highlight of this year.



5.) ASOS plus sizes for men


ASOS Plus Size Male Range


Finally! ASOS Curve have been helping our plus size dreams come true for a good while now, so the lack of an equivalent plus size male range was becoming a bit conspicuous. Having this range on a huge, mainstream, fashion forward site such as ASOS is a major step for plus size men and plus size people who wear men’s clothing. We’re looking forward to seeing what ASOS have in store for the range expansion in 2017.


6.) BBC Three ‘Things Not To Say To A Fat Person’


Rounding off these picks on a lighthearted note is this brilliant video from the people over at BBC Three. Again featuring some of our plus size blogger faves, this is a tongue in cheek way to tackle a very real issue: the absolute crap that others feel that they’re entitled to say to us. Whilst not strictly ‘fashion’ related, we’ve included this video because… well… it’s downright hilarious.


So, what isn’t here that you loved this year? What are your highlights that happened in plus size fashion in 2016? Help us keep the positive vibes flowing by letting us know and linking us up in the comments!


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