Plus Size Youtubers We Love!

Here at She Might Be we want to celebrate everyone in the community, so we’ve rounded up our favourite Plus Size Youtubers! Some have been on Youtube for years now, building up quite the range of videos! The most popular seem to be the hauls – whether they be fashion or makeup – as well as the plus size try ons. They’re my personal favourites to watch too as they inspire me to shop and try new things.

We’ve also added a few US based Youtubers for our American friends. Be sure to like and subscribe to their videos to add some awesome fats into your life. These lovely folks also blog, so make sure you check out their links too!

It’s Em – 6,500 Subscribers


glowpinkstah – 371,257 Subscribers

Call Me Kim – 1,798 Subscribers

Leah XL Channel – 2,580 Subscribers

Nancy Whittington-Coates

FatGirlFlow – 55,146 Subscribers

RawBeautyKristi – 94,046 Subscribers

PatrickStarrr – 2,256,520 Subscribers

NikkieTutorials – 6,884,758 Subscribers


Georgina Grogan

Georgina Grogan

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