Plus Size Pyjamas

Plus Size Pyjamas

I’ll be honest, you guys: if I’m not in public, I’m in pyjamas. If you come to my house, you’d better believe that at the very most I will be in leggings and an over-sized t-shirt, and you most definitely won’t catch me wearing a bra unless I’m braving the outdoors. I 100% wear pyjamas more than I wear anything else, and yet nightwear is the clothing category I struggle with most. Whether you’re queen of the nightdresses or you love to rock a bit of flannel, grab a hot choc and the cosiest blanket you’ve got. Let’s go pyjama shopping together!

I absolutely cannot deny that ASOS have got the best designs I have ever seen out of pyjamas, but here’s what’s wrong with ASOS: the sizing is limited, and what they do offer has just been scaled up from straight sizes. I have bought a couple of sets of ASOS pyjamas over the last year, including doughnuts and dinosaurs, which should have been purchases which caused me immense glee. But the tops are more like crop-tops, so I can only ever wear the pyjama bottoms comfortably.

Pro: they encouraged me to love my VBO, even at bedtime, and the patterns are the best there are.
Con: they aren’t size inclusive – they have literally two items in a size 30, so realistically they offer up to a size 28 – and the sizes they do have don’t fit properly if you carry weight on your stomach.

Plus Size Pyjamas

In my opinion, Simply Be is one of the best places to look for a properly inclusive size range. You can pretty much find the same clothing available in a size 10 as you can in a size 34, which is awesome, and a lot of the clothing I’ve bought on there actually fits. The styles are definitely nowhere near as fun as ASOS, though, despite the price point being pretty similar. I’d love to see some plus size models on the website because if I click on ‘size 34’ right now I see thin women wearing the clothing and I have literally no idea how it will fit on a size 34 body.

Pro: great size range, and it’s made for plus size bodies.
Con: they don’t offer the most exciting styles.

Plus Size Pyjamas

I know Yours Clothing get a pretty bad rap sometimes, and I totally get it. Trust me, Yours, nobody wants to wear butterflies past the age of about seven. But in all honesty the sizes are inclusive and while the quality can be hit and miss, I haven’t found them any worse than other brands around the same price point. The designs are youthful and most of the range is available up to a size 36. If anything, the pyjamas are a bit too young for me – there are other characters besides Minnie Mouse, you know – and I’m only 26. You really can’t argue with those prices though.

Pro: amazing size range, every brand should do it. And the prices are spot on.
Con: I mean I’m not 12.

Plus Size Pyjamas

I fell in love with Curvissa this year, when I was finally able to find some boots which fit nicely around my calves. The pyjamas are available up to a size 32, which I love, but the prices make me go WOAH a little bit – especially because the designs are, dare I say it, a bit boring. I love a lot of Curvissa clothing, so overall I’m going to forgive them for this, but a look at their pyjama section left me feeling pretty underwhelmed. In my experience of Curvissa the sizes are true and the quality is good, and not everybody is a fan of brightly coloured novelty PJs. If you’re looking for something simple and comfortable to wear to bed, Curvissa is for you.

Pro: true to size and great quality.
Con: I’m kind of bored when I look at what they’ve got to offer. Shove some cowboy hats on the pyjama bottoms or something, then I’ll be happy.

Plus Size Pyjamas

I really wanted to avoid another fashion post that was essentially ‘Yours, Simply Be, Evans and a couple of token extras’ but in reality, that is what the plus size market has to offer in terms of nightwear. I really looked for another brand who had inclusive sizing (as well as an actual pyjama range) but I just couldn’t find it. I don’t know why I’m so averse to using Evans – I suppose because for so long Evans was our only option, I want to show you how far we’ve come. But here I am eating my words, because I’m actually kind of loving the nightwear range over at Evans right now. The prices are on the low end of painful and the designs are actually adorable. To give you an example, there are bear pyjamas that come with a matching sleep mask that has ears. I am all over that.

Pro: the designs are actually pretty adorable at times.
Con: despite a couple of token novelty items, they’re still Evans, and there are definitely still some old-ladyish pieces on there. Also the quality had better be awesome if I’m spending £30 for a pair of pyjamas.

Plus Size Pyjamas

It’s funny: I wear pyjamas more than I wear anything else, yet I didn’t notice what a gap in the plus size market there is for size inclusive, youthful pyjamas. If any brands are looking to branch out in 2017, I think a lot of us would agree that we would be in full support of some fun and comfy PJs. Watch this space, I guess!

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