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Sophie Griffiths

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The Plus Size Palette Challenge was sort of my brain-child. A group of us were throwing ideas around and this one hit me in a flash. I thought it would be a super fun and cute way to look outside of our comfort zones for plus size fashion. I knew I wanted to join in, and I secretly hoped I would find myself with some cute pastel colours so I could together the Easter Egg outfit of dreams. Which is why it is so hilarious that I ended up assigning myself (at random!) what basically looks like a packet of refreshers.

It’s not all bad: this colour palette is so ‘2004 Sophie’. Back when every t-shirt I owned had a garish colour and a tacky slogan, and glowsticks were fashion accessories, I would have been thrilled with this colour combination. So I knew I needed to channel my inner teenage-Soph and get down to business. Here’s how I got on.

The Rules

We were assigned our palettes at random, and how we handle our palette is completely up to each of us. We can choose one outfit that incorporates every colour, or we can find multiple outfits that each has a little bit of colour. Every colour on the palette must be used, though.

The Results

It might be a bit boring, but it made most sense to me to choose five different outfits. I used one colour per outfit, making that colour the statement piece. In addition to this I challenged myself to assign each colour a different store. This allowed me to additionally test the breadth of availability for brightly coloured, bold clothing for brightly coloured, bold fat people.


Ankle grazer jacquard trousers in Yellow / White designed by Manon Baptiste to find in Category Trousers at

Citrus print t-shirt in White / Yellow designed by Club One to find in Category Tops at

I actually doubled up on my selections for yellow, but both choices came from Navabi. Although the t-shirt features lemons, it actually screamed ‘Regina George’ to me as soon as I saw it. I imagined that I would wear this and it would look like I was wearing a yellow bra with holes cut out of my white t-shirt, and I thought other people might see it and wear army pants and flip-flops. I mean, a white t-shirt with a yellow bra underneath. Teamed with these Manon Baptiste trousers I will be a vision in lemon.



Pink hair, forgive me, because I will be sinning in this top from ASOS Curve. My hair would cause an almighty clash with this outfit in its present state (Raspberry Rebel!) or in its natural ginge, but I’m kind of feeling it. I’d pair it with some black ripped jeans and some golden sandals to let that orange pop. Just not in January.


I was given the gift of two shades of green in my selection, which is lucky because green is my favourite colour. This shade of green is much more subdued than the other one, so I wanted to take the opportunity to snatch up this adorable plaid pinafore dress from Yours Clothing. This is definitely the most sensible of my selection and, against my better judgement, it might actually be my favourite. I can see every plus size blogger donning this dress of beauty in the next couple of months.


I resisted the urge to make my locks be my contribution to the pink section, and went with this fluffy little number from Plus Equals. I honestly don’t care what I wear underneath it: my outfit will be on fire. When I I picture myself wearing this, I see huge Paris Hilton-style sunglasses and a tiny 90s handbag that’s too small for my 2019 phone. The rest can sort itself out.

Lime Green

I swear every single lime green item of clothing that I found, was only available up to about a size 18. It really grinds my gears when brands claim to be plus size and don’t offer above a size 24, but to only go up to a size 18 is just an insult. After about 17 years of looking I finally found this half-decent tunic top on eBay of all places. There are a handful of problems with my selection:
1. It is a tunic top, and that is just wrong on so many levels.
2. It probably isn’t lime green – the colour has been photoshopped on.
3. It probably won’t even be that shape.
4. It will be much smaller than advertised.

But I decided to keep this selection in there, because it’s a pretty decent representation of how difficult it is to find clothes when you’re a superfat woman. Being above a size 24 means constantly having to make sacrifices in your style, and ‘just make do’ because the world isn’t ready to accommodate you. Realistically I would rather get my old glowsticks back out and make myself a glowing headband and belt to wear over something sparkly and loud, than wear a tunic from eBay because my size leaves me with no other option. But hey, that’s not the challenge.

The Reflection

It is really difficult to find ‘fun’ clothes in plus sizes. Tell me something I don’t know, right? I get the trend for khaki and coral, I really do. But sometimes you just need to dress like a rave threw up on you, and that is really hard to do when… Well, when you’re me. If you want to stand out this season you’re going to struggle if you’re above a size 24, but fear not: my outfit choices prove that it can almost always be done. I recommend bold accessories and the brightest of block colours to make an impact, and I also recommend middle fingers to every brand who does not accommodate your size and makes you feel unworthy of their custom. The middlest of fingers.

Sophie Griffiths
Sophie Griffiths

Lifestyle and home education blogger at Wildling Wishes, main contributor and editor for She Might Be, draws pictures for money at Rymermade on Etsy.

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