Plus Size Minimalistic Look

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Plus Size Minimalistic Look

Plus size fashion is slowly, but surely, catching up to represent a broader range of styles and tastes. The growing diversity of plus size style ranges from the increase in plus size vintage fashion that is now readily available, to more alternative brands such as Chubby Cartwheels, who utilise colours, textures and fabrics that historically have been exclusive to straight size lines. However, in terms of plus size tailored and structured clothing, there is much room for improvement.

As an avid lover of all things crisp and clean cut, I am constantly on the hunt for minimalist and even more androgynous style clothing that has, for the longest time, been exclusive to slim bodies. This is often frustrating as a plus size woman, being unable to find more structured styles. I don’t understand how having a larger body somehow translates to not wanting fitted and tailored pieces! Therefore, incorporating these staples into the ever-growing range of plus women’s fashion choices is an important next step for plus size clothing ranges.

My go to plus size bloggers for minimalist inspiration include Emmi ( whose simple, yet classic, Scandinavian style I adore and Sarah Moffat ( who provides a fresh look at non-traditional tailored pieces. Both these bloggers incorporate lots of structured styles into their everyday looks and give me that much needed, minimalist fashion fix. Nonetheless, scrolling through the websites of well known plus size brands to find those tailored pieces I’ve been hunting for showed me that greater representation of women’s plus size style is really needed.


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For the time being, I have managed to pick four items that are either welcome additions to a clean cut look, or perfect tailored add-ons to your personal style.

plus size minimalistic

Chino trousers, Asos Curve (UK18- 28), £22

Black Fringe Loafer, Evans (UK4-11, Wide Fit Available), £30

Black Button Down Sleeve Midi Shirt Dress, Simply Be (UK10-32), £30

Sienna Couture Turn Back Shirt Dress, Simply Be (UK16-26), £16.99

Navabi Longline Jacket (14-28), £227.99


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