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Retro loving plus size girl, I love experimenting with my red hair, embracing the thighs of life, trying to perfect the perfect brow and being continuously torn between wanting to be a real life mermaid or a Disney villain...choices.

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We need to talk about jumpsuits. They’re everywhere at the moment and they’ve done nothing but terrify me. I think because I’m short I’ve always thought that they were an instant ‘No!’. Over the last couple of years I’ve really embraced form fitting clothes and anything I can pour myself into which makes me feel like a God damned queen, well, I’m sold.  Jumpsuits however, I’ve never really considered…until now.

This is all comes down to one jumpsuit from ASOS, you’ve probably seen it as it’s flooded the internet in our world. I first saw it on Georgina Cox (Fuller Figure Fuller Bust) and I fell in love. So did everyone else, I saw countless images of thick thighed ladies wearing this suit and before I knew it I’d filled my basket online and had 4 of them heading my way. One day later (because I of course have the 12 months next day delivery for under a tenner set up!) they arrived.


  1. ASOS CURVE Lace Bardot Wrap Jumpsuit With 3/4 Sleeve Length – £28.00Plus Size Jumpsuits

So this jumpsuit is a weird one. I thought I would love it, and I DID like it….but. Just but. It didn’t fit quite right. It’s black, my favourite. The fabric hung nice, the lace was lovely and it was super comfy. But it just wasn’t right. The lace wraps over your bust and it kept slipping up making me look lopsided or like I wasn’t wearing it right. Which before you say, I was, maybe I should have sized down. This is a 20 but as it’s so stretchy the bust may have fitted better if it was slightly tighter, so stretched a bit more. It was meant to be more off the shoulder but I guess I’m just a bit wonky for it. If you do well with Bardot styles then I would recommend it, mine do always tend to slip off. I bet it would look freaking amazing on the right person.


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2. One Day Plus Metallic Cap Sleeve Jumpsuit – £32.00

Plus Size Jumpsuits

I’m really on the fence with this one. I do love a bit of gold. I’m not sure how great I feel with a capped sleeve though, they can look a bit boxy and I kinda prefer all or nothing you know? My biggest thing is that I love tapered legs on anything so this was great. It was so comfy, it fit like a glove and was so stretchy I felt like I could have done star jumps. The stretch on the chest is wonderful and not restrictive at all which is fabulous. I did feel a bit like a Quality Street chocolate though. I’d like to have had the gold broken up a bit. This was just not ‘the one’. Maybe this one was just a bit TOO jazzy.

3. New Look Plus Notch Neck Jumpsuit – £24.99

Plus Size Jumpsuits

The material was like suit fabric but with loads of stretch! You could sit down without feeling like you were going to burst out of it. This felt nice and formal and was so easy to get on which is something I always worry about –  can you put it on by yourself? Yes, you can! I love, love, love the plunging neckline, but unfortunately any of my bras would be visible. I did think about putting lace in there but then it kind of hides the feature of the neck line. So I decided it needed to go back. It had pockets which was a fabulous addition, who doesn’t love pockets? And again a tapered leg which didn’t drown me. Sigh. Although, I’ve never considered New Look before so this was definitely still a plus. Almost perfect!

4. ASOS CURVE Wrap Jumpsuit In Mono Animal Print With Short Sleeve (“The Georgina”) – £30.00

Plus Size Jumpsuits

So this is the one, my one and only, I honestly thought I had zero chance of liking this jumpsuit. I thought it would be too long, I wouldn’t like the print and it would be too low cut as I generally prefer a higher cut. Well, how foolish was I?! I put it on and in an instant I was in love, it happened so quickly, it was a done deal and only £30. I fully expected I’d want to return it, now I never want to be parted with it. I loved it so much I wore it to meet my boyfriend’s dad for the first time, I simply felt fabulous so I made the hair big, the make up strong and I was ready to go. This one is hanging up in the wardrobe and it wasn’t too long at all and I wore flats. I’m just over 5 foot and you could definitely wear it if you were taller, it just didn’t looked like it drowned me because of the fabric and pattern, which by the way is STUNNING and much more interesting than the usual black I wear (I although I still love a good deadly black outfit). P.S. the lobster caviar bag in the obligatory toilet mirror selfie is from SkinnyDip which I got for my birthday from the man.

So what have I learned? I am completely on board with jumpsuits! I ordered four and only kept one. But that’s one more than I’ve had before, and I felt a million pounds in it so what was not to love? I got a lot of love on Instagram for it and I hope I’ve helped spread the good word of jumpsuits and this beauty in particular. If you’re even slightly curious – order. I’ve not seen a single image online of someone wearing it where they don’t look incredible. So don’t wait for the whole ‘new year, new me’ rubbish. Try something new now and end the year in full on fabulous style.

Please tell me where you’ve found amazing jumpsuits….



Nicola Lombardi

Retro loving plus size girl, I love experimenting with my red hair, embracing the thighs of life, trying to perfect the perfect brow and being continuously torn between wanting to be a real life mermaid or a Disney villain…choices.

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