The Great, Big Plus Size Fashion Sizing Survey

Plus Size Fashion Sizing Survey
When I first came on board to write for She Might Be one of the things I really wanted to do was to create a helpful, searchable database of the sizing of UK plus size brands. I think most of us will have had that moment of worry trying to guess whether to size up or down before popping something into the online basket. Sizing is all over the place across the board, but I feel like with plus sizes it can be even more inconsistent.

As the in-store availability of plus sizes is so poor, fashion and style for us who are plus size is primarily based online; even more so for those of us who don’t live near a large city or shopping centre. Not being able to try things on in person before we buy means that we have the choice: either shell out upfront for two sizes to try or search for others’ reviews, word of mouth and social media posts to narrow down whether the brand generally runs small or large (or most rare of all… runs true to size).

This is where we at She Might Be hope that the results of a great big sizing survey such as this one will come in handy and help. Open to absolutely everyone who has shopped with any of the listed plus size brands, the survey simply asks whether and how much you size up or down when purchasing from them. All currently available UK plus size brands should be included, so if you think there’s one we have missed then please let us know and we’ll add it in.


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When we have enough responses to work with, all the results will be available here on She Might Be as a permanent searchable resource. The survey will remain open until the end of the year at least and we will update the results page here frequently. In time, we want to go further and add images of different body types, sizes and heights to each brand’s results so everyone can get a better idea of what different pieces would look like before buying.

So, if you have five minutes to spare and can help us with this project, please click on the link below to add your voice to the poll. Every single bit of feedback is so, so useful for getting a clear picture of the state of plus size brand sizing at the moment. Your answers will help all of us across the plus size community, it will help us at She Might Be build the database and take the trial and error out of shopping online. Most importantly, we’re hoping it might in some small way help make something that should be a pleasure, like ordering a nice dress online, fun again.


Take part here:
UK Brands Plus Size Fashion Sizing Survey

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