Plus Size Disney Villain Halloween Costumes and Makeup

Plus Size Disney Villains

I really love Disney, I’ve seen all the films, I know all the songs and for the past 3 years I’ve been recreating my favourite Villains for Halloween. Even though some of these may look ridiculously over the top, they’ve never really taken more than my usual makeup bag and some white foundation! Obviously the costumes are a plus, but at the moment, I can’t find a decent plus size halloween retailer ANYWHERE. It’s as if they’ve all disappeared! So, no costumes this year but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been able to put something together myself.


Ursula Halloween Makeup

Mixing eyeshadows and foundation together, I created the base for Ursula. From there she’s just shading and redrawing your brows on a look angrier and higher. I didn’t block out my brows on here, I simply just made them the darker part of her eyeshadow and blended them into the look. When you break it down, she’s super easy to recreate. I’ve even made a Youtube tutorial and this year for our Halloween party I’m thinking of going as Ursula in the Ursula Nightie from ASOS, but that’s a top secret idea!


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Maleficent Halloween Look
I loved Maleficent way before Angelina played her in the incredible live-action remake, but obviously her playing Maleficent does make you love it even more. Maleficent took a tiny bit more effort in the form of extremely tightly fitting horns from Amazon. I actually had to cut into them so the fat in my head could be released ha! This year I’ve been doing my same trick of mixing eyeshadows with foundation for facepaints, but adding a face oil in there as well. can you see the healthy glow Maleficent has compared to last year’s Ursula? That’s why. I didn’t want to look so caked up and have more of a natural finish, well, as natural of a finish you can get with green skin. The eyes are Urban Decay Moondust and pretty much everything else is Makeup Revolution.


Cruella De Vil

Cruella De Vil Halloween Look Cruella De Vil Halloween Look

My first Halloween look of this year! After being inspired by the wig from Hot Hair, I thought why not make a rather chic but sick Cruella? And here she is. Cruella got a little bored of waiting around and decided to skin the puppies herself. I blame Dexter for this (the series) but it was fun to do. With a Dalmatian print eye made from white eyeshadow and eyeliner, I added a red glossy lip, also Makeup Revolution, but on my Scantilly bra, silk robe, and just added fake blood to drip down my arms. Easy! The blood down the hands probably won’t work if you want to wear this out, but the Dalmatian eyes are awesome, if I do say so myself!




I don’t even like Yzma that much to be honest but I thought she would be a challenge to recreate and she was. This took a bit more time on the blocking of the brows (which didn’t go too well so they’re edited out) and ageing the skin. I kept on drawing the lines with a thin brush and eyeshadows and then blending them completely out so I could build up some depth. For the head scarf I simply used an old dress and then put on a Yours Clothing Shrug for a bit of glam.


One of my favourite looks to date is my female version of Hades. I could honestly wear this look all day, everyday. Using mostly Makeup Revolution as it was a collaboration with them and it is a Youtube tutorial too for ease. You’ll see on there that it’s really just a lot of blending, making yourself look evil and an ombre lip to finish it off.



Scar Lion King Halloween LookScar Lion King Halloween Look

Well, a lady version of Scar as I added eyelashes, eyeliner and made it more female. This look is one that I’ve seen on the Internet a couple times and I’ve really wanted to try myself but I wish I would have made her look a little more furry. I guess it wouldn’t look right with the huge wig from Annabelle’s Wigs but still. Again this was pretty much all cheap and affordable products, apart from the contouring as I have the new Urban Decay Matte palette and I wanted to test that out. The different colour contacts on this was completely accidental as I couldn’t get the other one to sit in my eye properly, but I love the finished look. For the scar I just used makeup remover on a cotton bud, super simple and my stone of skin makes it look scar like too.


What’s your favourite look for Halloween?

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Georgina Grogan

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Georgina Grogan
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