Plus Size Babes Rocking Brights in Autumn

Kitty Morris

Kitty Morris

Plus size blogger, fashion photographer, cat lady and wife.
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Plus Size Babes Rocking Brights in Autumn

Once autumn comes, it can often seem like all the colour drains out of our wardrobes. We swap the brights and florals of summer for black, black and more black. All black outfits are always a classic look, but I love sneaking colour into the cold seasons too, it’s so unexpected! Autumn brings the most beautiful colours in nature, so here are some gorgeous plus size babes showing you how to rock colour even on the coldest of days.

Lauren Nicole looks incredible in this lush bright red faux fur coat!

A photo posted by Lauren Nicole (@laurennicolefk) on

Hayley rocks this outfit, matching her dress to her amazing hair!

A photo posted by Hayley ✨ (@curvesncurlsuk) on


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Perelandra is a vision in blue, and her pink hair really makes this look pop!

The print on this dress is just so cool! Zoe looks amazing with bare legs in this autumn inspired ensemble.

Georgina is such a blue girl!

This skirt is like the mermaid skirt of dreams, Katt rocks her VBO!

A photo posted by Katt (@zombiemeow13) on

I am LIVING for this whole look. That bomber jacket is dreamy, and the way Steph styles her looks is everything.

I just cannot even cope with the vision in red that is Sam right now. And those faux fur cuffs are the cutest!

A photo posted by Sam (@fattyboomtatty) on

Two babes in one photo! Tanya and Becky do the vintage look so well, a cardigan and tights is all you need to make these perfect for winter nights out.

A photo posted by Tanya. (@secretplussizegoddess) on

Blush pink is the surprise colour trend this autumn, and bomber jackets are going nowhere, Lucia looks incredible combining both!

A photo posted by Lucia (@ucantwearthat) on

I love the almost sports luxe vibes of this dress that Leah is wearing, autumn florals are so fun!

Alysse absolutely breaks all those autumn fashion rules in this incredible look. Those jeans are something else!

If Halloween themed is more your thing, Lolly shows us how to look spooky!


Mustard and high necks are key themes for autumn fashion, and Kate shows us how to wear them with the sweetest mini skirt.

A photo posted by Kate (@_katikins_) on

Think you can’t wear a floral maxi dress in autumn? Think again, Ushshi looks totally flawless taking her summer pieces through to colder weather.

A photo posted by Ushshi (@ushshi) on

Carrie-Ann is all kinds of winter delight in this outfit, perfect for well… do I dare say the C word yet? Christmas!

Purples and reds are some of my favourite autumn colours, and Lucy shows off how to combine them beautifully, so pretty!

A photo posted by LucyLoves (@lucy_earnshaw) on

An oversized shirt always looks chic, and Kathryn’s hair and this peachy orange shirt are autumn in an outfit.

A photo posted by Kathryn (@misskathryn84) on

Super light colours in autumn and winter are so rare to see, but Sarah proves you can 100% wear pale colours in the cold!

A photo posted by Sarah Moffat (@velveteenfemme) on

Kitty is giving me serious Minnie Mouse vibes in this outfit, adorable!!


With added adorable from the pumpkins, the pink look from Christine is so precious!

A photo posted by Christine Murphy (@cmurphy114) on

Hollie and her baby bump positively glow in this adorable mustard pineapple top.

Orange is a classic autumn colour, but Diana proves white is for autumn too in this ultra chic work outfit.

A photo posted by Diana (@fatfemmefabulous) on

I love the reds in this look with the tan bag, Isha proves vintage dresses are for autumn too.

A photo posted by Isha (@pic_pixie) on

This royal blue is amazing on Amber! Legs for days and tan boots are such a fab look.

A photo posted by Amber Lee (@amberinred) on

Bailey sports all the colours of the rainbow in this seventies look.

A photo posted by Bye Bye Bailey (@byebye.bailey) on

Nancy is giving all the amazing Beetlejuice vibes, with a pop of purple!

That smile, that dress, Naomi looks stunning!

A photo posted by Naomi (@naomi_g) on

And finally, me and my pup Ashen showing you how to rock all red in this long sleeved mesh dream!


So there you have it, you can rock any and every colour in autumn as all these babes prove. I love the idea of brightening up a dreary drizzly day with a flash of colour, just because the nights are dark, doesn’t mean our wardrobes have to be too.



Kitty Morris
Kitty Morris

Plus size blogger, fashion photographer, cat lady and wife.

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