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Periods. Not such a taboo word anymore, and one we see used more frequently in every day life. I’m totally here for this. Having no awkwardness around the discussion and in fact being fascinated by other people’s discussion of period products. As we’ve now entered 2019, I’ve vowed to become a little more environmentally conscious. If you liked my previous post on how to make small changes to better the environment, then this is another one for you. I’m talking about plastic free period products, and first up is FLUX Undies.

So here’s the down low (oh lord the puns). Flux Undies are a company that produce Period underwear that claim to hold up to 4 tampons worth. They ask that you pledge to swap your disposables and #bleedfree. I know, a daunting thought right? The claim the secret to their wonder is a ‘unique in built four layer tech’ which includes a leak proof layer to ensure total support at all times. They also say that they aren’t solely for periods (yay for multiple use!) They can be used for postpartum, endometriosis flow, spotting, and sweating! So let’s put them to the test eh?

I dived right in, and on day one of my period went to grab my Flux underwear. As a serial sanitary towel and tampon user this seems a good option for me. I haven’t quite gotten the courage to take on a cup yet and feel these could be a really good alternative. Back to the underwear. Upon first use they seem comfortable, don’t dig in anywhere but do feature a tight thicker barrier around the edges which I assume stops leaks. The ‘layers’ inside are barely feel-able and I’ve forgotten that they’re ‘period pants’ within minutes.

I’d opted to try the Flux Bikini and the Flux Boyshort, both which claimed to hold up to 12 hours worth or 4 tampons worth. On day 1 of my period, I’d say it was a medium/heavy flow and they passed the test. I went a full day without worrying too much about things (I actually forgot I was wearing them until I went to the bathroom). I didn’t leak, suffer discomfort and actually felt much freer wearing them.

Day 2, my heaviest day, I suffered my first leak. It wasn’t particularly bad, but I felt it. I had to substitute for some emergency products as my other pair weren’t quite dry. This was however, the only leak I had throughout the full week. It didn’t seep through my clothes fortunately, but I could tell the pads inside had had enough.

(Side note: The owner of the company actually reached out to me about said leak to discuss possible sizing issues- could be that I need to size down! Great Customer Service)

Day 3, I went to the gym, and had no issues all day. I forgot I was wearing Flux until I went to the bathroom and even then it was relatively uneventful.

Day 4&5 were very similar. No leaks, no issues, no scent problems. Win win for me!

Aftercare is pretty easy, although it does mean you’ll need to purchase a few pairs. After use, it says to run them under the tap until the water runs clear, then stick them in the wash on a cool wash (30/40 degrees) with no fabric softener or bleach. Never tumble dry them, although you can stick them on the radiator or washing line.

So would I recommend them to a friend? Hell yes! I’ll be picking up some more, but carrying a backup just incase on the heavier days. What I will say is that opting to ‘bleed free’ actually felt so much better than other methods I’ve used. I could actually tell there were no harsh chemicals causing any irritation and I had my best period in a long while.

If you’re sold, lemme tell you some more. They currently come in 5 different styles, from thong to boy-short to hi-waist. I loved that they had a ‘Flux Detachable’ option, making this product accessible. They currently sell up to a size 28/30 (yay!)

What’s your favourite plastic free alternative?

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