Body Positive Colouring with Nicky Rockets

There won’t be many people left in the plus size community who haven’t heard of Nicky Rockets by now. The duo team of talented photographer Nicky and his incredible blogger wife, Betty Pamper, created the cult brand many years ago. They’ve racked up quite the loyal following, including our very own Daisy, who even owns their limited edition shirts. The brand prominently features curvy heroines and they’ve even branched out to cute pants; but now it’s time for something that is so needed, a body positive colouring book!

The colouring book features curvy pin-up women, zombies, fairies, unicorns and even Nicky and Betty’s lovely little pug too. Mindfulness has become a huge thing this past year and self care is something that all of us should be practising. Colouring is one of the best ways to switch off from the stress and troubles of the world, and just let your creative juices flow with some colourful fun.


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nicky rockets colouring book nicky rockets colouring book nicky rockets colouring book

It makes perfect sense for this to be the couple’s next venture as they’re both such bright, playful, and colourful people. We’re so excited for Nicky Rockets and we hope this will be the first of many from them. I’d certainly love to be colouring in curvy pin-ups! This venture is also more than just something fun, colouring has personally helped Nicky’s recovery after a massive brain haemorrhage in 2015. I remember how much love was shown to their family during this time and we’re all over the moon that Nicky has made such an amazing recovery. We hope this is the start of many new and exciting plans for the family and the company!

Lots of love from the team at She Might Be.

Buy the Nicky Rockets Colouring Book on Amazon for £9.98

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