Why We Need More Brands Like PLUS|EQUALS

PlusEquals are one of those brands who we just can not get enough of right now. Started by Brighton-based Jazmin Lee, PlusEquals brings together high-end fashion and plus size bodies in an explosion of sequins, gaudy-in-a-good-way prints and inclusive, magical goodness. I’m not kidding, you guys, I am obsessed with this brand.

A quick glance through her timeline shows that Jazmin has done what so many brands fail to do, and she has actually got to know and even listened to her customer base. Not only this but she is willing to change and grow along with her customers’ wishes for her range. That is such a unique thing for a brand, and part of the reason that we love her so much.

The last time plus sized people were given the chance to experience runway style fashion was with the introduction of Beth Ditto’s range. Sharing the same style of joyful prints and bold designs at a fraction of the cost, PlusEquals has definitely got my vote to be the brand who represents Plus Size fashion in Britain. Personally I am obsessed with any kind of animal print and glitter, so of course I instantly get excited when I visit the website.

PlusEquals is already receiving some well-deserved recognition, being featured across a multitude of plus size fashion blogs recently and even having their range added to WildThing.com for sale. Speaking in an interview with Wild Thing, Jazmin said “As a plus size girl myself, I know the struggle of shopping with a creative mind, there’s definitely been some improvements, but I wanted to bring designs to people that were special, unique, inspired”. Jazmin has produced a truly diverse and amazing brand with PlusEquals, and we are super stoked not only to be one of her supporters, but to have her support in return.

You can shop the range too over at PlusEquals.


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