Need a Lift? How Wearing a Bra That Fits Can Boost Your Confidence

Consider this: Your bra is one of the first things you put on when you’re building your outfit for the day or night. It lies directly against your body, almost like a second skin. It’s also one of the only garments that actually serves a purpose in terms of comfort; when it’s doing its job right, it will lift, support, separate and shape your breasts to look their best. On top of that, a well-fitting bra protects the sensitive tissue and delicate ligaments in your bust, while also taking some of the strain off your shoulders and back.

In other words, your bra is a pretty important piece in your wardrobe. So, it’s no surprise that it also plays a key role in your confidence. In fact, according to one survey, a whopping 80 percent of women say a beautiful set of bra and panties makes them feel confident and sexy, and another 58 percent of women say buying beautiful undergarments is all about loving their body and making themselves feel good.

Sadly, it’s all too easy to settle on a bra that functions on a basic level, instead of one that fits perfectly. Of course, bra shopping can be an overwhelming process. But rest assured that the search is well worth the effort.

Here’s how wearing a bra that fits your body flawlessly can give you unshakeable confidence.

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You’ll forget it’s there

Nothing is worse than having to continually adjust your bra, whether you’re continually sliding the straps back onto your shoulders or pulling at the back that’s riding up. Either way, you shouldn’t need to worry about your bra whatsoever. A well-fitting bra that provides optimal lift and support will stay in place throughout the day so that you forget it’s even there.

When you’re shopping for the perfect bra, there are some visual cues that can help you determine if it’s the right fit. Make sure that the band lies level all the way around from front to back, and that it rests snugly (but not uncomfortably tight) against your torso.

The straps shouldn’t move when you make basic arm movements (try raising them above your head), and your breasts should be completely contained with no spillage outside the top or sides. Furthermore, if it’s an underwire bra, the wire should lie flat against your skin for optimal support, as well as to avoid any digging or gaping.

Your clothes fit better

The fact of the matter is, your bra impacts how all your clothes look on your body. So if you feel like your favorite dresses, T-shirts and blouses simply aren’t hanging right, your bra could be the culprit.

When a bra is too big for you, there will be gaps between the cup and your breast tissue that will be visible, particularly under form-fitting shirts. When a bra is too small, it digs into your body in such a way that causes unsightly bulges.

Whether you’re sporting an LBD or jeans and a T-shirt, a bra that fits you well will make every one of your ensembles look — and feel — better. By the way, a push-up bra has been found to do wonders. One study led by scientists at Manchester University revealed that women feel a whopping 75 percent more confident when they wear this particular cleavage-enhancing style.

To ensure your ensemble looks as chic and sleek as possible, seek out a bra that’s tailored to the needs of your outfit. For example, t-shirt bras work best under body-hugging knits, while front closure bras are ideal for a dress with a lower neckline, because the centre gore plunges farther down.

You’ll avoid discomfort

Above all, a bra should never be painful. Whether it’s digging into your shoulders, pinching your ribcage or squashing down your actual breasts, a poor-fitting bra is bound to be a blow to your confidence.

After all, how are you supposed to walk with your head held high when you’re suffering? Instead of feeling good about your body and optimistic about your day, you’re more likely to be thinking about when you can take that pesky bra off.

A perfect fit is inarguably the most important factor in terms of ensuring a bra does its job, in regards to comfort as well as aesthetics. If you’re even the slightest bit uncertain about your bra size, it’s always advisable to get a professional fitting. Moreover, weight fluctuations, pregnancy and other factors can impact your breasts, so it’s important to get fitted periodically to make sure your size hasn’t changed.

Most major department stores and specialty lingerie boutiques have experts on-hand who can measure you, answer any questions you have, address issues with bras you’re currently wearing and suggest a variety of styles that are best suited to your specific body type, lifestyle and needs. Pro fitters can also look at aspects that go beyond just your band and cup size to recommend the right bras for you. For example, they might notice that your particular breast shape could benefit from a contour bra, or that your shoulder slope requires a bra with straps that are wider set.

The point is, you should never settle for physical discomfort. Note that the right back support bra will not only help you avoid discomfort, but it will also help reduce any strain on your shoulders and back.

This is especially helpful for women who sit or stand for long periods throughout the day. Extra-wide cushioned straps offer relief for your shoulders, while uniquely designed criss-cross support bands in the back can aid your posture.

It’s your little secret

There’s nothing like an ultra-flattering bra in a luxe fabric or sultry hue to make you feel confident. After all, only you know what lies beneath that business suiting, cocktail dress or casual clothing. And that makes the whole process of getting dressed — and, let’s face it, undressed — far more fun.



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