Navabi Favourites

The team at She Might Be absolutely lust over Navabi and when I asked everyone for their favourite items out right now, they all already knew what they were picking! Navabi is the premium of plus size. The best of the best really. If you want quality pieces from designer brands across the globe then Navabi really is the only place to go. I’m not even investing in a new coat this Winter as my Navabi coats from last season still look incredible, as you might be able to tell, I’m a huge fan.
Navabi actually make their own collection, which is their super premium range, as well as Manon Baptiste. When I found this out I was SO happy because it makes total sense as to why Manon is such good quality and utterly fabulous. There’s a lot of love for Manon Baptiste in this post, which wasn’t intentional it’s just natural for us to be drawn to pretty things. I received this glorious off the shoulder velvet dress from MB just last week and Kitty happened to pick it as her favourite. Isn’t it beyond beautiful?

Kitty & Georgina’s Favourite

Manon Baptiste Off The Shoulder Velvet Dress

Navabi Favourites, georgina grogan

Zoe’s Favourite

Manon Baptiste A-line Jacquard Dress

Navabi Favourites

Leah’s Favourite

Zizzi Lace Maxi Dress 


Navabi Favourites

Nancy’s Favourite

Twister V-neck Leopard Print Dress

Navabi Favourites

Daisy’s Favourite

Manon Baptiste V-neck Jersey Fitted Dress

Navabi Favourites

Sophie’s Favourite

Manon Baptiste Drape Embroidered Dress

Navabi Favourites

Isha’s Favourite

Mascara Embroidered Cocktail Dress, Two Piece

Navabi Favourites

Sera’s Favourite

Isolde Roth Lace Trimmed Long Line Jersey Dress

Navabi Favourites

Steph’s Favourite

Manon Baptiste Jersey Maxi Wrap Dress

Navabi Favourites

Charli’s Favourite

Tia Dresses Lace Faux Leather Dress

Navabi Favourites

Katt’s Favourite

Manon Baptiste Pussybox Printed Blouse

Navabi Favourites

Lucy’s Favourites

Manon Baptiste Houndstooth Bomber Jacket
Elvi Silk Maxi Skirt

Navabi Favourites

 What’s your favourite piece on the Navabi website right now?




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