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Multi-masking: what is it and what are the benefits?

It feels like there is a new fad every week when it comes to skincare, and almost all of them go completely over my head. I’m not even 100% sure what kind of skin I have, so when I heard about multi-masking I figured it would be the perfect way to make sure my face got the pampering it (very badly) needs, and I wouldn’t have to actually know what I was talking about.


What is Multi-Masking?

Your face is like a puzzle covered in different spots that require unique attention. Some of it may be dry, like the area around and under your nose and cheeks, while in the T-Zone (from your forehead down your nose) it may be easily affected by grease and an eventual spot and blackhead attack.  A multi-mask consists of taking different skin toners, masks, creams and beauty cleansers and rightly applying them to different areas of your face. This way your skin care can include all the benefits of different products applied into one, and thus rejuvenate your skin back into its glowing state.


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Customised just for you

Using a single product can only provide so much revitalised protection to different parts of your skin. A woman’s skin is unique to her, and her alone, and can have a plenitude of problems that remain unsolvable when using a single product. Multi-masking ensures that each part of your face receives specific attention to make sure it glows –  whether enhanced with makeup or left bare and completely natural.  Your skin deserves the best treatment and cannot be sustained by ignoring patches which might become dry or irritated. Multi-masking will provide the perfect treatment to solve any skin related issues.

Fun Means of Experimenting

It’s always a treat to spoil yourself with new products. With Multi-masking, an opportunity appears to go on a spending spree to buy the best products to enhance your appearance in specific areas with new combinations. Some even enjoy Multi-masking with sheet masks combined with creams and clays to soothe their skin. Have fun picking out your products and be sure to invest in the products you know will help you rather than deplete your skin, this includes any toners that may contain alcohol or SD.

Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin can be an issue for anyone looking to enhance their appearance. Whether this is due to the weather, overly fragranced products, toners or cheap creams, using one product may do practically nothing to help, or even worse increase any blemishes or red patches upon the skin. A Multi-mask can help avoid this through choosing various products that can aid lessen this blotching while tackling the overall problems of the skin itself. For each Multi-mask is unique and is made by its user to help rather than to deplete from their physical appearance.    

Time Saver

While you may think it must take a while to create a Multi-mask, this is only when selecting your products in your primary try. If you succeed in finding the right products then, after a little bit of practice, you will be applying them to your face in no time. This can help you de-stress and also give you the pampering you deserve. After all, your face is important and deserves to shine.

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