She Might Be Spotlight: Jade from Butterflies and Racing Hearts

Butterflies and Racing Hearts

Jade Elouise


Where do you live?
I spend my time between Maidstone in Kent when I’m home, and Brighton in Sussex when I’m at Uni!

What do you do for a living?
I’m a University student studying Psychology with Criminology, but I’m currently working as a Care and Support Worker doing home-care!

Do you have any pets?
I have a pet corn snake called Evie!

What made you start your own blog?
I have always wanted an outlet to express myself and my biggest aspiration in life since I was a child was to be an author (something which I’ve always kept to myself because it seemed impractical). But I realised a few months ago that writing is something that I love and have a passion for, so I decided to pursue it!

Who do you admire in the blogging world?
I love the diversity of the blogging community and there are so many people I admire; It’s so hard to just put yourself out there and expose your true self to the world! Michelle Elman (Scarred not Scared) is a very inspiring woman, and I absolutely love her message of self acceptance! She also does these fabulous daily reminders on her Instagram story which give you a huge boost when you’re feeling low!

Butterflies and Racing Hearts


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What’s your favourite post on your blog?
I use my blog for my writing, so I think my favourite post on there is the fictional short story called ‘Ghosts in the Shadows’; mostly because it’s the first time I’ve ever followed through with my writing, and to me it’s a stepping stone to a future doing something I love!

What did you want to be when you grew up?
All of the impossible things! An actress, a singer, a dancer (because fat people love to dance too!). I wanted to be prime minister whilst simultaneously juggling finding a cure for every disease in existence. But more than anything I wanted to be a writer, so that I could escape into my own little world and avoid reality for a while.

Who are your favourite bloggers?
I think if I had to pick one person who’s blog I follow almost religiously, it would be Georgina Horne (aka the wonderful FullerFigureFullerBust). I love her sense of humour, style, attitude and all round awesomeness! She takes no crap and isn’t afraid to be unapologetically herself! She also has a really great open communication with her followers.

What does She Might Be mean to you, and why do you like writing for SMB?
I started following She Might Be because there was finally a magazine that had content I could relate to! There were articles about shops that I would actually be able to find clothes in, and pictures of women who were so diverse and down to earth. I love the tone of the magazine; it completely advocates inclusivity! Which is why I love writing for She Might Be, because I get to be apart of that voice, and express myself openly without fear of judgement.

What’s your favourite post on SMB?
One of my favourite posts is by Michelle Hopewell called ‘Body Positivity and Blackness’. I loved that post because you can’t just type in ‘black women in the blogging community that will make my day better’ and get the result you want. At least, you couldn’t until Michelle’s post!

Anything exciting coming up we should look out for from you?
In terms of my blog, I’m always working on new stories and poems, and I’m currently doing research for what I’m hoping could be my first full novel! I’m also hoping to add a more conversational section to my blog for controversial topics that I’d love to have open debates about.


Butterflies and Racing Hearts



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