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Amanda Apparel


Amanda Kay Elliott, at least it will be once I get my maiden name back!


27! I’m not one who particularly loathes birthdays, but I do miss being 23 just so I could sing along to Blink 182’s ‘What’s My Age Again?” and pretend it was about me!

Where do you live?

I was born in Kansas City and matured in Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve gone from jazz and BBQ to bagpipes and haggis, haha! I visited Edinburgh several consecutive summers to perform with a band in the Fringe Festival, and I absolutely fell in love with the city.

What do you do for a living?

I’ve just started the fourth year of my events management degree, so I’m a full time student for at least one more year while I complete my honours dissertation. I pay the bills by working as a sales associate in a plus clothing size store. Helping customers select clothing that suits their personality and style brings me such joy! I love being able to help a customer see how beautiful they truly are.

What made you start blogging?

When I was growing up I had NO idea that a girl could be both fat and confident. In my early twenties I discovered the world of plus size blogging, and my eyes were opened to a whole new realm of possibilities! These women were living and dressing how they wanted, and I was so inspired that I created a blog of my own. I created in 2015 to inspire confidence, fat acceptance, and radical self love.

Amanda Apparel

Who do you admire in the blogging world?

Every single contributor at SMB, duh! I’m obsessed with my girls Kitty of Kitty Rambles A Lot and Steph of Nerd About Town! My Scottish babes Zoë of IKIWN and Sarah of Velveteen Femme are absolutely amazing. One of my fave fat positive allies is Tara of Cattitude & Co who is a literal angel. I could go on all day!

What’s your favourite post on your blog?

My writing style has SEVERELY changed over the last few months, and I’m posting much more about fat activist topics. My post responding to Lush’s fat-phobic marketing is my most read blog post of all time ( but I think I’m most proud of my post about unflattering silhouettes and taking up space (

Show us a favourite outfit?

Amanda Apparel


I am OBSESSED with all of the outfits I shoot with Lianne Mackay Photography ( but this one is my absolute favourite! This look was a key inspiration behind my blog’s recent rebrand thanks to the genius of Katrin Lange Design (

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Oh gosh, I can’t remember wanting any specific careers as a child. I was a very early developer and as soon as my hormones kicked in I was 100% boy crazy. Ever since I was tiny I just wanted to be in love! I remember my walls being completely covered in *NSYNC posters, especially ones of JT! I guess I wanted to be Mrs. Amanda Timberlake, but I guess Jessica Biel beat me to the punch.

Do you have any pets?

I wish! I get to see my little princess Cheri whenever I FaceTime with my folks back home. She’s a Yorkshire Terrier with an attitude that she got from me. A local business down the street from me has two dogs that I refer to as Blondie and Tiny. I like to pretend that they’re mine, haha!

Where are your favourite places to shop plus fashion?

I love all the usual stores for fat babes, but if they branch out into the plus size world I would LOVE to shop at Oliver Bonas, All Saints, and Zara. And if I had the budget, I’d want every single garment from Christian Siriano’s AW17 collection. The pinks and reds together were just divine.

What does She Might Be mean to you?

For me, SMB is a shining light in a somewhat dark industry. Blogging can be lonely, but SMB is a place where people with similar interests can come together. I love how SMB posts daily featuring different bloggers with varying opinions and writing styles!

Amanda Apparel
Amanda Apparel

What’s your favourite post on SMB?

SMB Spotlight: Punkypins x Mel Stringer | Body Positive Pins. I love this post because I love Mel Stringer! I purchased the ‘love your body’ pin from this collaboration and wear it on my work lanyard. I use it as a tool to start conversations about fat positivity!

Anything exciting coming up we should look out for from you?

More semi-academic writing! I love sharing outfits, but doing research and putting together pieces on fat activism brings me such joy these days. I feel like I’m really finding my niche and I can’t wait to show you more!

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