She Might Be Magazine One Year Anniversary!

It was always going to be called She Might Be, but what it was actually going to be wasn’t quite developed until I had the help of Sophie and Daisy. They have really been there from the very first conversation about it over 2 years ago and have cheered me on ever since. I didn’t know when I would finally launch it, but one day I woke up and knew I wanted to launch it. She Might Be Magazine was live a couple weeks later! I can’t say it was tough, as I had so much fun designing and creating the website, inviting writers, brainstorming ideas and since then it’s been just as much fun! in the last two years we’ve been joined by so many amazing bloggers and writers, even if it was only a brief time they definitely left their mark. Our editors team grew with the addition of the incredible Zoe and then Kitty later on.

she might be magazine

(Our Sophie has recently opened at Etsy store)


We’ve welcomed a huge number of over 50 writers from both the UK and US (and the lovely Katy is from Aus!), male and female, from different abilities and backgrounds. We’ve posted 347 times and have had nearly 110,000 views! Some of our writers have been here from the very start, like our two top writers (top in the sense that they’ve wrote the most posts and several are in our top read!), Sophie and Kitty.

Here are our most popular posts:

16 Lies Fat People are Tired of Hearing by Sophie

She Might Be Magazine

The Problem with Problem Areas by Mia

She Might Be Magazine

Ashley Graham is No Role Model of Mine by Kitty

She Might Be Magazine

Five Things I Want You to Know About Fat Sex by Daisy

She Might Be Magazine

How I Learnt to Stop Panic Shopping for Plus Size Clothes by Leah

She Might Be Magazine

The Problem with Iskra Lawrence by Kitty

She Might Be Magazine

10 Ways To Be A Good Ally To Disabled People by Shona

She Might Be Magazine

How to Change Your Ableist Vocabulary by Emily

She Might Be Magazine


Daisy added…

We have covered a variety of topics, everything from hair and make-up tutorials, to articles on politics, disabilities, domestic abuse and mental illness. We have a plethora of fashion posts, advice on sex and relationships and if you love a bargain, we have a whole range of exclusive discount codes for some awesome brands.

From the very start, Georgina’s vision was for an online magazine that would be a 100% safe space. One that didn’t lure you in with positivity, then jump you in the alley with a post about exercise or dieting dressed up as healthy eating or faux concern.

We are real. We are honest. We are you. Yes – you! One of the defining things about She Might Be, for me anyway, is that we are a platform and a voice to so many different people.

If you follow us on Twitter, you will regularly see us asking for submissions. Engaging with our readers – when they tell us they love a particular article, or that they are happy to see us covering a specific subject, we always ask if there is anything they would like to add. If they would like to share their views.

We want to be something for everyone in the plus size community and beyond and I think in our first year we have set our stall out to that effect.
We listen, we learn, we grow and we want you alongside us on our journey.

So what does the future hold for She Might be and our readers? Our latest project is not really a change of direction, but something that will help us do more of the same and hopefully reach new people and give to our existing readers.

We have started a patreon, offering some exciting and exclusive rewards in exchange for a regular donation. The ultimate aim is to be able to pay the She Might Be writers for their content, and to be able to offer content that is above and beyond the already brilliant articles we have to offer now. Reward levels start from as little as $1 per month – so why not think about signing up? It’s like a subscription box, right into your inbox, with fab treats just for you!

We are all ridiculously proud of She Might Be and all that it has achieved in one short year. Whether you are a reader, a writer, a patron, a follower – whoever you are, thank you so much for your support. Here’s to another great year for She Might Be!

Georgina Grogan

Georgina Grogan

Creator of SMB, Mother of Kittens, Make-up Magician and all round Goddess.
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