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With a new month comes a new feature, in which we compile a round up of all of our favourite things from the previous 30-or-so days. This is a fun little feature because it doesn’t necessarily have to relate to anything we usually write about over here at She Might Be, so we get a chance to share some really off-topic (but hopefully still awesome!) things. So without further ado, here’s what we were loving in November 2016.

Lady Voluptuous’ new range had us all squealing for joy, and had many of us reaching for our purses. Lady V is awesome because you get those classic vintage looks at affordable prices and – of course – they run in sizes 8 to 32 so every single one of our writers is included. I’m yet to pop my Lady V cherry, but here’s what I’ll be choosing in January when my student loan is feeling a little bit more flexible.

she might be


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I’ve never been confident enough to try a dark lip, but Kitty has 100% inspired me by linking me up to this ColourPop lippie in ‘Creature’. It’s the perfect autumn colour, super dark browny red and matte, and will translate perfectly to those deep reds and plums we wear around Christmas.

Normally we don’t make a big feature of Lindy Bop here because they only go up to a size 26, but we couldn’t ignore the adorable space unicorn pattern they’ve recently released – even if it is actually Pegasus and not a unicorn! Lindy Bop is great quality and offers patterns in a variety of cuts and styles, so I’m going to take this opportunity to address Lindy Bop directly: PLEASE start offering a wider range of sizes, because we would love to feature you!

Beyonce and the Dixie Chicks slayed with their rendition of Daddy Lessons at the Country Music Awards this month, which was all kinds of powerful. I love musical crossovers and I particularly love country, so this Louisiana hoedown was an absolute dream. It was good to see Rhydian from the X-Factor is still working at 3:50 too. Just me?

I can imagine these sweet boots from Office with some thick black tights, a burgundy tea dress and some white faux-fur accessories over Winter. Who’s with me?!

It’s impossible to see this cardigan and not think of Kitty, who has been loving spending her entire November in her’s!

I’ve been blasting out Christmas tunes all month, and I have finished my Christmas shopping. Yep, I’m seriously one of those. As much as I love the old classics, Underneath the Tree by Kelly Clarkson is the ultimate in Christmas excitement for me. One night me and my kids literally played it five times in a row just to dance around the living room to it again and again.

Everybody has been raving about The Crown on Netflix this month, which chronicles the life of our very own QE2 from the 1940s to modern day. If Matt Smith alone wasn’t reason enough to get watching, it has already been commissioned for a second series – which tells me it will be necessary viewing for me over Christmas week!

Again this skirt would never normally be featured, but in the spirit of the monthly round-up River Island gets a mention. Their sizing is getting better; it has already worked its way up to a size 28, so hopefully there will be fully inclusive sizing in due course. And this mermaid-esque sequinned dream is worth getting a little bit worked up over until then.

I’m a sucker for a good palette, so when Zoe recommended this one to me I fell head over heels. ‘Fall Into Frost’ is the perfect title for these slightly-shimmering Autumnal colours, and I basically want to dip my face into the entire thing right now. Unfortunately it sold out this month, which is probably better for my bank balance with Christmas coming up.

she might be

We’re all loving oversized knits this month, and our smaller team members have been wrapping themselves up in Monki to keep from freezing this November. Their jumpers and cardigans are adorable, so I really hope there is a plus size range on the cards for them in 2017.

Babes Never Die, the second album from Honeyblood, was described by Zoe as a “dreamy riot” so of course I had to hop straight over to YouTube. As a huge Paramore fan of the last decade-and-a-bit, I was immediately drawn to the punchy beats and that honeysuckle voice which is not unlike that of Ms Williams, blended with a healthy element of 80s punky splendour. Honeyblood definitely have a new fan over here!

Carrie-Ann got some adorable new glitzy accessories this month, and is absolutely loving Pin Up Curl on Instagram who made a gorgeous headpiece for her. Teamed up with the new vintage handbag she acquired this month, C-A is going to look glitzy and fabulous this festive period.

There would be no November 2016 round-up worth reading if it didn’t mention those Girls we call Gilmore. Yes, that’s right, they’re back. We finally get to see if Luke and Lorelai stood the test of time. We finally get to find out if Rory is Team Logan, Jess or Dean (Personally, I’m team ‘Rory, I think you need to be on your own for a while…’) and, oh my sweet Jesus, we finally get to hear the last four words. This is a monumental time for any Gilmore Girls fan and please do not be the jerk that spoils it for everybody else. Enjoy.

We have also loved the way the plus size community has come together in the face of adversity this month, and we love each and every one of you!




Sophie Griffiths
Sophie Griffiths

Lifestyle and home education blogger at Wildling Wishes, main contributor and editor for She Might Be, draws pictures for money at Rymermade on Etsy.

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