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Ladies, take a collective deep breath. January 2017 is over. I wholeheartedly believe that this will be a month that is studied in history classes in years to come. Through all of the hate and anger that January 2017 had to offer, there were some beaming rays of sunshine bursting through the clouds. Here are our favourite bits of the last month.

Here at SMB we are a little bit in love with Tara, and her piece on ‘Four Encouraging Things Everyone Should Hear Before Having Sex‘ is yet another in a long line of fantastic articles from Ms Catstello.

Daisy loved this response to ‘New Year, New Me’ from Russell Kane’s Facebook page.

For those of us who didn’t want to battle through the pre-Christmas cinema crowds, Star Wars: Rogue One was a January treat. Kitty said “Wonderfully nostalgic and full of references to the original trilogy, without feeling like cheap throwbacks to curry nerd favourites. It has hilarious moments, and some heart wrenching ones too, and is jam packed with action. An absolute must for any fans of the original trilogy, especially if you didn’t like the second trilogy!” (Which Daisy said she found vague and unconvincing!)

january favouritesImage courtesy of HBO

On the subject of Star Wars, I watched Bright Lights this month – the documentary which featured the heart-warming and hilarious relationship between Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. The loss of these beautiful souls from the world pained many of us at the end of 2016, but Bright Lights captures their relationship perfectly and offers just that little bit of comfort. I laughed most of the way through it at Carrie’s deadpan humour and the way the mother and daughter duo spoke to and about each other, and my heart broke when as I witnessed Debbie’s decline in to poor health and her eventual retirement from the business of show. Also I am ridiculously in love with Gary Fisher and his little lopsided tongue.


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This smock dress from ASOS had us throwing heart-eyes all over the place this month. Stephanie Yeboah absolutely rocked it with a mustard cardigan on her blog, and had me lusting after my own piece of the over-sized action.

Carrie-Ann says she can’t stop listening to the La La Land soundtrack this month, while lusting after this hat and these amazing shoes.

These posters  by Shepard Fairey were powerful and incredibly poignant this month. A series of them were inserts in USA Today and NY Times and have involved many new people in the resistance, from hashtagging the slogans to displaying the posters themselves. They have already been pegged as potentially the defining political artwork of Trump’s era.

January Favourites

Image courtesy of The Independent

So now we’ve mentioned the elephant in every room in America, I wanted to highlight some of our favourite responses to his inauguration. We loved Ashley Judd’s speech at the women’s march. While I understand there were problematic elements to the Pussy Hats, their song at the women’s march was both beautiful and inspiring. Hillary Clinton sharing this piece by Louisa Cannell was an incredibly dignified way to respond (and add to) the protests.

january favourites

The women featured in this tweet are my heroes! And finally, I knew that our resident favourite artist would not disappoint on the day of the women’s march…

january favourites


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