Merumaya Skincare Review – My Wedding Skin Saviour

Merumaya Wedding Skin Saviour


Since my mid twenties my skin has been incredibly problematic, and to be honest with you I have really struggled to embrace it. Especially as up until that time I’d been blessed with very clear skin, even in my teens. My skin issues started just after I had a Mirena coil put in, so I attributed it to the hormones in the coil, but even after having that coil removed the problems persisted.


I’ve recently been particularly bothered about how my skin is going to look on my wedding day (which is next year, I’m such a worrier!), and this coupled with a pretty persistent Fibro flare up had really taken its toll on my face. In the weeks before this skincare trial, my skin was as bad as it’s ever been.


So I’m incredibly grateful that the wonderful founder of Merumaya, Maleka, agreed to step in and help me. We had an amazing in-depth consultation over the phone, and she recommended to me my very own bespoke regime to tackle my particular set of issues. Now, after trialling these products, my only regret is that I didn’t start using this brand years ago!


Merumaya Everyday Regime


Merumaya are an innovative, cruelty free brand that use clinically proven active ingredients in the concentrations that are actually needed to be effective. They also make sure to include lots of anti-inflammatories to calm the skin too. A major plus with this brand is that their products are not only formulated to improve the overall condition of your skin, they also specifically address acne-prone and sensitive skins too – without the one function overriding the other. Overall, Merumaya come across as very good eggs, and I think this quote from their website sums up their ethos perfectly:


“We seek to create a positive and happy experience and to earn your trust. Thus, we are free from BS, ‘miracles’, judgment, over-claiming, over-packaging and over-pricing.  Our mission is that you feel confident, INcluded, beautiful and relevant, at every age.”


The skincare regime that was recommended to me by Maleka consisted of the following products – I’ve put them in the order of use, noted how to use them, and what each active ingredient they contain actually does for your skin:


Merumaya Skincare Regime All Products


So, how did this regime work for me? I loved the double cleanse, the Melting Cleansing Balm is incredibly effective and teamed with the Luxury Facial Wash it removes every scrap of makeup and dirt leaving my skin feeling really clean, but also pretty moisturised already. On days when I am not wearing makeup I use the Luxury Facial Wash alone as I found that, for me, the balm isn’t required. The Gentle Exfoliating Toner is so refreshing, and the Iconic Youth Serum makes my skin feel really bouncy and bright. Maleka told me that I wouldn’t need any additional moisturiser other than this serum and she was so right!


Using the Skin Brightening Peel twice a week (it can be used less if twice feels too harsh) has had a massive impact on my skin. It has tackled the roughness, uneven tone and cleared my complexion – the difference is incredible.


Merumaya Before & After


And here are my results! The above side by side shows how my skin improved after a just 10 days of using these Merumaya products. On the left is the picture I took on day one, which is a great representation of how my skin has been pretty much all of the time for the last ten years – just perpetually not great. It’s been dull, rough to the touch and uneven, with some redness and lots of painful under-the-skin spots. In fact, I remember thinking when I took the picture that – for me – it was actually a pretty good face day! On the right is a clearer and brighter face I haven’t seen for a very long time indeed.


I started out taking a picture every day; at the same time, in the same place, fully intending to chart the progression of my skin over a whole month. However, by day ten my skin had cleared and it has stayed that way ever since. The last 30-odd photographs all looked exactly the same, so in the interests of not bombarding you with hundreds of identical pictures of my make up free mug, I’ve left them out. I can’t overstate just how impressed I am with the speed at which this worked. I’ve put together a gif showing the ten days it took for the Merumaya skincare regime took to work it’s magic:


Merumaya Wedding SKin Saviour


I have diligently continued with my trial, and now I’m on week six I have found that my results are still consistent and my skin has been a dream. I will mention that I did get one or two hormonal spots on my chin and forehead just before my period, which the Concentrated Spot Treatment saw off within 72 hours. I want to take a moment to give the Concentrated Spot Treatment a bit of individual praise as I had never held much stock in that sort of product before, but I’m very happy to hold my hands up and say I was wrong: the four images below show how it worked on these larger, painful spots over the course of a focused 72 hours.


Merumaya - 4 Day Focus


To sum up: I have gone from someone in a constant battle with their skin to someone who kinda doesn’t need to think about it any more. One of my biggest causes of concern was how my skin was going to behave on my wedding day, but now that really feels like something that I don’t have to worry about, which is incredibly freeing. When you find something that works, it’s just the best feeling.


The texture of my skin has gone from rough and bumpy, to soft and smooth. My skin is brighter, more even, less ‘blotchy’ and red. Whilst the deeper lines on my forehead have not changed, the fine lines around my eyes are less noticeable. However, lines and wrinkles have never bothered me, and this is not what I have been using this skincare to combat. For everything I wanted this range to do, it has exceeded my expectations and I will absolutely be buying this stuff – regardless of the expense – for as long as they make it.

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