Men’s Valentine’s Day Wishlist

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At about this time every year, I start wishing I had entered the lottery. You see, if I had entered I would definitely have won, and I would then be able to splash the cash on a whole bunch of amazing presents for my husband. I’m a gift-giver by nature and cherish the sight of somebody’s face lighting up when they see what I have picked out just for them, but with a very tight budget behind me I find my options somewhat limited. Here’s a fun little wishlist of some of the things I would love to buy for my husband this Valentine’s Day if money was no object!

I think if I was able to buy my husband a pick-up truck, he would divorce me just so he could ask me to marry him all over again. It’s going to be about a million years before I can afford that, but I love the idea of monthly payments because that is something I will hopefully be able to actually do in the next couple of years. Yes Lease have this amazing collection of pick-up trucks and I love how bulky and robust they look. I personally think I’d look pretty good behind the wheel of one, too!

My husband doesn’t have a uniform at work, but he has to wear a top with long sleeves to hide his tattoo. I’d love to go on a spending spree at Terraces Menswear and get him a whole host of really stylish and comfortable long-sleeves tops – if nothing else, so that we wouldn’t have to make sure one of the two shirts he currently has is always in the wash! No good wishlist is complete without some clothes on it, in my opinion, and I would love to just go ahead and fill up a basket for him without even looking at the prices.

This gift is a little bit of a cheat, because it’s something that I want too. Our bedroom colour scheme is green and white and, while we have a relatively new office chair in there at the moment, it is so bright green that it is almost yellow, and definitely not in keeping with the calm vibes I have curated in our space! A really fancy recliner chair like these ones from Dandelion Interiors would be absolutely perfect, and it makes it onto my husband’s wishlist because it also has a little footstool so it doubles up as somewhere to relax when we’re just hanging out in our bedroom.

I haven’t decided what I’m actually getting him for Valentine’s Day this year. I make my own cards so it would be a bit of a cop-out for me to buy one from somebody else, but in terms of actual gifts I’m not sure if we’re going to exchange anything this year. There’s nothing wrong with building up a wishlist, though – it’ll keep until his birthday in June at the very least! I think for this year we will probably share a romantic meal at home if he isn’t working the next morning, or maybe even do something totally unheard of and hire a babysitter so we can actually leave the house without anklebiters around us. It seems like such a little thing, but I can’t remember the last time we were together without having to keep an eye on at least one child!

What is your favourite way to spend time with your loved one on Valentine’s Day? Do you and your partner do wishlists, or are you much happier just spending time together on the day?



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